Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Style Guide: Simply Gorgeous Hair by Aussie

We all know I am completely out of my realm when it comes to hair.  My hair is straight and pretty low maintenance, but it pretty much does what it wants... and I don't usually fight with it.  It doesn't normally hold a curl and I get frustrated pretty quickly when trying to get it into a fancy party/dress up do.  Luckily, Aussie Haircare sent me some super easy (seriously... if I can do it... its pretty fool proof) but universally beautiful Holiday hair hacks.  Check them out below. (I also have my own personal results below!)

Trim Your Topknot – When you’re running from the office to the holiday cocktail party, your everyday work topknot may become your default party style. Add instant holiday sparkle with an eye-catching accessory.
o   QUICK #HAIRHACK: First grab your Aussie Instant Freeze Aerosol Hairspray and spray your brush before throwing your hair up. To change the look to an evening chic style, spritz across the roots and smooth the can over for a flawless, no-frizz finish. Then throw on a glam vintage-inspired headband for the ultimate party hair in minutes!

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v  Gift Exchange Glam - A big, bouncy style with extra volume is a nod to old Hollywood, which always reminds me of the glamour of the holidays. But I rarely have time for a fresh style with the shopping, planning and celebrating!
o   FUN #HAIRHACK: Set your hair the night before with Aussie Sprunch Aerosol Hairspray and sleep with your hair in a loose topknot. Wake up, throw on a cozy sweater and head to work in your messy topknot. Right before the holiday gift exchange, pull down that bun for voluminous, “photo ready” hair!

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v  Snow Bunny Style – The hairstyles throughout the 1960s were so fabulous- filled with volume and curls!
o   SIMPLE #HAIRHACK: To bring this look into 2014 first try shifting your part this holiday season. A center part can be oh so chic. For volume in your crown, spray Aussie Aussome Volume Hairspray under the roots, tease and set in large 2” hot rollers.  When your hair has cooled slide out the rollers for big, soft waves. Gather the top half of hair at the crown and criss-cross bobby pins to secure for holiday hair happiness!

Macintosh HD:Users:SarahPotempaInc:Desktop:Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.27.51 PM.png 

My Results (Gift Exchange Glam)

 Very doable 3 second topknot/messy bun set with Aussie's Sprunch Spray

Letting my hair down after only 6 hours of having the bun in

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