Thursday, January 1, 2015

Favorite Blogs, Vlogs, and Websites of 2014

This year I've been exploring this wonderful world of the interweb and have come across some pretty fantastic sites. Here are my top 5 finds of 2014.

Humans of New York
This site has made my monthly favorites and it continues to be a place I go for inspiration, motivation, and even a smile. The photographer, Brandon, walks through New York City and photographs the real, random people he runs into along the way. Some of the subjects of his photographs are definitely those that stand out in a crowd. Others seemingly blend with the rest. But all have a story to tell.

This site has a way of making me feel a range of emotions from grateful to sad to energized to connected and so much more. There are the lighthearted, adorable stories of couples in love, kids, and families. But among those you will find heartbreaking stories of struggles and interesting and encouraging stories of unknown heroes. I can not express how amazing this website and concept is and I hope Brandon continues this journey he has created for all of us. 

Oh, Tinderella. How your blog has become an obsession. Like a great T.V. show, I eagerly await for the next installment of Tinderella. If this blog was a show on Netflix, I would watch the entire series in just a few days.

In this blog, Tinderealla details the adventures the Tinder app brings her. The scene is (again) New York City (I have a thing for NYC. Can you tell?) While reading the entries I feel as though I'm "listening" to a girlfriend detail her journey in the dating world over a fabulous brunch (Sex and the City style, of course.) This blog could definitely be used as a guide for men who are wanting to know what NOT to do on a date.

Next Life, No Kids
This is a Mommy Blog that may not be for everyone... but I sure do appreciate it. I have expressed that entering Motherhood is like entering a whole new world where no one really talks about the uncomfortable and trying aspects that come along with the beautiful. In Next Life, No Kids, this mommy isn't afraid to put herself out there and say what has been in all of our heads at one time or another. Motherhood is a gift, but its not always fun. A lot of times its difficult and exhausting. Talking about everything from the creepy Elf on the Shelf to how kids have affected her marriage, I truly admire this mom for putting herself out there so the rest of us don't have to feel alone and wonder "Is it only me? Am I a horrible person?" Turns out we all feel this way, we're just not all brave enough to express it.

Leigh Ann Says on YouTube
You know I had to get my beauty fix in here somewhere. Leigh Ann is a pretty popular YouTuber that has recently branched out into also doing "Weekend Vlogs." Charmingly quirky, this beauty fills her channel with reviews, makeup tutorials, and a touch of randomness. She's a marvelous departure from the usual stiff, serious (and in my opinion - boring) beauty tutorial channels and brings tons of lively personality to her videos.  

Scary Mommy
Scary Mommy is a very popular parenting website that aims to be relatable and humorous above all else. I do like the site for that aspect, however, it made my "best" list because it has served a different purpose for me. Because the articles on this website are submitted by other bloggers and freelance writers (instead of a staff), it has become a portal that connects me to other bloggers I may not have otherwise come across (it is how I found "Next Life, No Kids.")