Sunday, March 29, 2015

Birthday Post Series: Favorite Perfumes For Spring

As many of you may know, I recently celebrated a milestone birthday.  I wasn't sure how to celebrate this through the blog while still keeping your interests in mind.  (I very much doubt you want to hear about my personal birthday celebrations. Yes, plural.)  So... since Spring and my birthday seem to coincide, I thought I'd do a blog post series on my favorite Spring items. And one of my favorite beauty items to try and collect is perfume.  So with all of that in mind, below are my favorites for Spring time.

Dot by Marc Jacobs
This one is a year-round favorite and the one I receive the most compliments on by far.  Its floral, fruity, and sweet without seeming like any of those things - if that makes sense. I guess what I mean is its not obvious.  Subtle yet noticeable enough to get positive attention.

Secret Wish by Anna Sui
This is one I've loved for awhile now - 10 years or so.  When I first discovered this perfume, it was sold in Victoria's Secret (not sure if it still is.) Its a clean, citrus scent with a very slight musk.  The bottle is also one of the prettiest I've seen.

ChloƩ Eau de Parfum

Now this one may not be popular with a younger generation but I consider it a classic.  Extremely floral with rose, peony, and magnolia, this feminine perfume gives me a vision of a sunny days spent in a garden.  Its definitely not an "everyday scent."  I find its more suited for special occasions and date nights.

Honey by Marc Jacobs
I'll be honest...I pretty much love all of the Marc Jacobs fragrances.  Daisy (along with its many varieties) is a very popular choice for Spring, but I tend to prefer Honey.  A bit sweeter than Dot, Honey combines Honey (of course), Orange Blossom (my favorite scent ever), and Pear.  Its very fruity with a side of floral and great for every day.  (Check out the Macy's Exclusive Pink Honey.  Same scent. Different look)

Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow
Wait wait wait!  Before you write this one off, just hear me out.  I am not a Hello Kitty fanatic.  I actually purchased this perfume's roller ball because it was on clearance at Sephora.  The description listed for the fragrance sounded like something I would like and it was only $10. So with a gift card burning a hole in my pocket, I went for it.  I'm glad I did.  This is a daily scent I wear when I want something subtle. Its more of a vanilla scent than something super sweet or floral.  Its a bright, light scent that is perfect for anyone looking to stay away from those fruity/floral perfumes but not wanting a heavy musk.


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