Tuesday, March 3, 2015

West Egg [Sponsored]

Michael Kors Wallet

Fashion post ahead!  If you are like me and fawn over designer duds but don't often feel comfortable spending major cash to get them, I have found a website for you.  Now, I know what you're thinking.  There are a ton of designer discount websites out there.  There are even several apps - All promising the lowest prices and the chicest products available. But West Egg is different than all of them.

First off, West Egg seems to have much more to offer in terms of variety.  With a catalog of brands from Ray Ban to Michael Kors,  West Egg is able to offer products that will complete any look and any style for any occasion.  And all of these products are up to 80% off.  This means pretty purchases and zero guilt.  

So what has peaked my interest on the website?  Sunglasses. Tons of brands. Tons of styles.  And just in time for Spring.  Of course, I’m loving the classic Ray Ban Wayfarers.  But I also have my eye on the original aviators by Ray Ban.  

Kate Spade Earrings
My absolute favorite part of West Egg, however, is their #becomethemodel campaign through Instagram.  By simply posting a picture of you in your freshly purchased sunnies, skirt, top, or shoes from West Egg with the hashtag  #becomethemodel , customers are able to model their favorite products through one of the hottest social networking sites used worldwide.  Not only does this please those who crave some “instafame,”  it pleases those of us who prefer to see products on real people before purchasing.  Very few of us look or have they body type of professional models hired and used by the brands, so seeing how a product looks on someone who looks a little bit more like myself helps me visualize the complete fashion picture.  It’s also a great way to get a little fashion inspiration for future outfits.   Check out West Egg for yourself.  Find great products, save money, and even become the model. 

Psssst - Use code "wearwestegg" for 10% off

*The above is a sponsored post

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