Wednesday, June 3, 2015

BBC Home Entertainment - Dinosaurs, Birds, and the Little Guys

TV has changed enormously since I was a kid.  TV shows meant for children today would have been considered "teen" shows when I was younger, reality TV has taken over almost every outlet, and there is a general lack of truly educational options.

I'm lucky that my son tends to prefer animal and nature documentaries over typical kid shows.  Animals, bugs, and especially dinosaurs are my son's favorite subjects.  So, when we got our hands on BBC's Plant Dinosaur 3D, Wings 3D, and Tiny Giants 3D, I was super excited to show the videos to my son. 

He chose Plant Dinosaur as his favorite.  I wasn't surprised.  He tends to gravitate toward anything dinosaur related.  The vivid colors, smooth flow, and extremely detailed visual format definitely drew him in.  My son, for whatever reason, doesn't get scared by anything related to dinosaurs.  But I could see how this video may be a little too much for small children who are frightened by them.

My favorite was Wings 3D.  Watching these birds soar was extremely relaxing to me. You literally get a birds eye view during sections of this special.  Tiny Giants was my favorite visually however. It was also a close second for my son. The scenes were done beautifully and gave a perspective we rarely, if ever, get to see.  The entire Tiny Giants special had a very mystical and enchanting feel which I loved. Overall BBC continues to be a wonderful source of entertaining educational programs for both children and adults by keeping its viewers engaged and coming back for more.

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