Sunday, September 13, 2015

Toddler Years Survival Kit

The toddler years!  So many precious new adventures. They walk, they talk.... they throw tantrums.  Its all part of the growing up process, right? We all know these years can be... a little tough.  But with the right tools and a positive mindset, we can all get through them with more smiles than tears, more sweet moments, and more unforgettable silly experiences(that you can later use to embarrass them when the teenage years hit. ... Just kidding... well, we'll see.)  Check out the products listed below.  They have been seriously useful in my experience, they may just help you out as well!

The First Years Take and Toss Sippy Cups

Oh. My. Goodness.  Before finding these,  I was so sick of spending money on sippy cups that leaked, easily harvested mold, or were just a pain in the bootay to clean!  Then one day I noticed these on a shelf at my grocery store.  Four plastic cups with lids (and one awesome cap to prevent leaks) for under $4.  Best of all, if one gets so worn that I have to toss it or if we leave it at a friends house/doctors office/etc its no big deal!  I was afraid they would be flimsy but they hold up pretty well (and my future athlete has a habit of throwing his sippies.)  They have been my son's everyday cups for awhile now and I haven't had to throw one out yet. Definitely worth the $4 and leap (ok, maybe baby step) of faith.  They also come in an assortment of Disney Character Designs (which usually run $1 more than the plain design) which make them just that much more fun!

Stride Rite Made 2 Play

Best shoes ever!  Especially if you have an active child. ...And live in an area where mud seems to be prevalent. Ok, let me back up and explain why I love these shoes.  They are machine washable. Yep.  No more tediously wiping down incredibly filthy shoes (while thinking "What IS that?!")   Just throw them in the wash.  I also throw mine in the dryer on medium heat and they come out looking brand new.  These are now the ONLY shoes I buy for my son.  Not only is Stride Rite a trusted brand but they have an AWESOME rewards program.  I get discount coupons after every purchase, emails about sales and additional discounts, free shipping, and $10 credits for every $75 spent.  AND on top of that the Made 2 Play line saves me so much time and hassle.  And I never have to worry about my son getting "too dirty" while playing again.

Diaper Clutch

Simply put, this nifty little pouch has the ability to turn any purse into a diaper bag.  I love how the wipes are so neatly contained and easily accessible. Its also a good idea to just leave this cutie in the trunk of your car for those unforeseen diaper (or pull up) emergencies.

Stearns Puddle Jumper Life Jacket

Image: Stearns
There's a reason you see almost every child at the beach or swimming pool wearing a Stearn's Puddle Jumper; they work.  They help to keep your child afloat in an upright position, they're adorable, and easy to put on and take off. My son loves wearing his and I feel much better around bodies of water (there's a lot of that in Florida) when he has it on.


Safari Ltd Toob Toys

Image: Safari Ltd
One word.  Bribes. Or "rewards" if you prefer.  But that's what I use these detailed little figures for.  My son likes the animal sets so- an animal for going on the potty.  Or an animal for a great doctor's visit.  It works out pretty well for us!

Universal Stroller Organizer By Ethan & Emma

And last, but no where near least - the Universal Stroller Organizer Ethan & Emma.  This is one of the most clever, useful baby/toddler/parenting products I've seen in a long time.  This organizer easily attaches to any stroller and provides a ton more storage space than you would get with the standard stroller storage.  It's an awesome product to have for days spent at Walt Disney World (stopping in the middle of a theme park to dig around in your bag for a water or passes.  Not. Cute.) and for quick trips to the store or long walks around the neighborhood.  My husband loves it because his belonging are no longer wobbling in shallow cup holders; threatening to fall to the ground.  Instead, they are safely and securely tucked in one of the several pouches/pockets while still being within reach. More pictures below!

Large zippered pouch underneath attaches to legs

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