Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall Favorites: Beauty Edition Part 2 - STAR WARS & COVERGIRL

We all know I love beauty products.  So there is no way I could have just one beauty edition in my Fall Favorites.  And there is no way I could have a "favorites" without this next collection.  Are you ready for it?  COVERGIRL's Star Wars Collection!  Star Wars everything is the new pumpkin spice everything!  And, as much as I love pumpkin spice, I love Star Wars just a little bit more.

This collection is amazing because, not only are there the wonderful classic red lipsticks and burgundy nail lacquers perfect for daily use during the fall season, there are also Star Wars specific colors like the gold (C3PO) and silver (R2D2) lipsticks.  

If you're thinking you already have enough makeup stashed in your vanity, think of it this way:  The packaging on these products make them wonderful collectors' items for any Star Wars fan!  I especially love the movie quotes on the mascara.  Quality products, a limited edition collection, and Star Wars. What's not to love?!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Favorites: Beauty (Part 1) - MACnificent Me - MAC

Are you all ready for my next installment of Fall Favorites?!  I know many of you beauty lovers out there have noticed my lack of MAC coverage lately.  No, I have not fallen out of love with lovely MAC Cosmetics.  I've simply gotten behind.  Whoopsie!  They come out with so many great products and collections, its hard to report on them all sometimes.  But, I am here to jump right back into their "MACnificent" world with one of their newest collections, "MACnificent Me."

"Well Behaved," "Simply Swinging," & "Nice Composure"
I love this collection because there is a little bit of everything.  You'll find bold, bright colors,  feminine, pale pinks, mod neutrals, and even smokey greys. The eye shadow in "Well Behaved" is the perfect example of bold.  A gorgeous reddish, orange color, this shadow is made to stand out.  It's color also makes it perfect for those who like to get festive for fall.  Of course, the product itself is highly pigmented and has a silky smooth consistency.  Staying power is MAC's game, and this eye shadow is no exception.  Expect the color to stay vibrant and crease free throughout the day.

"Self Aware"
The neutral seen in the amplified creme lipstick "Self Aware" is the perfect balance to the bold vibe achieved with "Well Behaved."  Nude in color, this lipstick is creamy and subtly modern.  Again, the MAC quality standards are high so you will find this lipstick goes on smoothly and stays put.

Perhaps one of my favorite products overall is the PatentPolish Lip Pencil.  You will find a feminine touch with the shade "Pleasure's All Mine."   It is described as a "pale warm nude" but also passes for a pale pink.  This is a perfect shade for adding a soft touch to an otherwise seductive look.

And where will you find seduction in this collection?  With the Pro Longwear paint pot in "Nice Composure," of course.  This creme shadow is a very, very cool grey; which is absolutely perfect for this season since grey is one of the biggest trends right now.  It's also a great product to use to achieve a mess free, smooth, smokey eye.

"Pleasure's All Mine"
So let's see.  We have lips... we have eyes... what are we missing?  Nails! "Simply Swinging" is this beautifully grey lilac shade that is modern, trendy, and still ladylike.  The color is perfect for those wanting more than just the standard pink or red nail, but still wanting a softer look. And for those who tend to stay away from the darker nail colors that appear with the cooler seasons?  This color is for you.  It's a great way to update your color for the season without having to opt for a dark red or blue.

And now you see why this collection is named "MACnificent Me."  While staying cohesive as a collection, it provides something for everyone and every look. Truly allowing you to customize your look to fit the one and only you!

For more information on the MACnificent Me collection visit you local MAC boutique or counter or go to www.maccosmetics.com.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fall Favorites: Fashion - Get This Look

Image: Fashionisers.com
As many of you may know, Fall is my favorite season.  I look forward to it every year, I get giddy once the weather starts to cool (that means anything below 80 in Florida terms), and I pull out my seasonal clothing way too soon.  But there is so much more to my love of this beautiful season than the cooler weather (although the break from the 6 month 90 degree sweat-a-thon is much appreciated).  And so I've decided to run a "Fall Favorites" series for the next few weeks.

This Fall favorite is probably about as exciting as it gets for Fashionistas: Looks straight from New York's Fashion Week. And although these looks are technically the Spring/Summer lines, you know us ladies (and gents) can't wait to try out new looks, trends, and styles.  This look is straight from the Derek Lam show in September: Brought to you by PHYTO, BaByliss, and stylist Orlando Pita.   I love the texture and effortless vibe of this hair style.  Love it, too?  Check out how you can get this look at home.  Instructions below.


  • Part the hair to the side (a bit off center or how the hair naturally falls).
  • To prep the hair, add 1-2 pumps of PHYTO PHYTOKeratine Extreme Exceptional Cream to hair. Blow dry with the new BaBylissPRO® Rapido. Do not brush. 
  • Straighten hair with BaBylissPRO® Nano Titanium™ 1” Ultra-Thin Flatiron.
  • Then, using the BaBylissPRO® Nano Titanium™ 1” Spring Curling Iron, wrap hair once around the barrel, then pull the iron down to create a wave without volume. Rake the hair back and create a top section with partings on either side.
  • Combine two oils: PHYTO Huile Supreme Rich Smoothing Oil and PHYTO Huile Soyeuse Lightweight Hydrating Oil. Twist hair into a bun at the crown. Let the hair set for ten minutes then un-do bun. Tousle and run fingers through hair to create a piecey, un-coiffed look. 
  • Finish with PHYTO Professional Phytolaque Soie Light Hold Hairspray for shine and control.  

 View the fashion show below