Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Coffee Lover - Touch T526S Brewer

Is everyone feeling the Holiday vibe?!  It's into December now, so if you're still looking for gifts for others, I've got you covered.   This product is one of my favorites (if not my favorite) out of all of the products in my Holiday Guides.  Why? Because it involves coffee.

The Touch T526S Brewer is my new go-to coffee provider.  It turns into the love of my life in the morning and is my savior for those late night/ way-too-early morning mom moments.  Because I have a deep love for coffee, I also have a keurig, a percolator, and a regular drip coffee machine at my house.  I prefer the Touch Brewer over all of the rest in my coffee army.  Why? I'll give you a brief list of my favorite features.

  1. It brews faster than any other machine I have; Beating out the former speed champion: the keurig.
  2. It can brew a multitude of sizes from a single cup of coffee to a  full (26oz) carafe (which is included with the brewer.)
  3. It can brew many different kinds of portion packs including k-cups and jumbo cups.
  4. It comes with a refillable jumbo cup. (Save money and fill with your own coffee instead of spending extra dollars on k-cups.)
  5. Its water tank holds 90oz. Less refilling!

So pretty much its everything I need in a coffee maker.  And, the coffee comes out strong.  Thank goodness!  (Whats the point if the coffee isn't potent, right?) So if you're still looking for that perfect gift for a fellow coffee addict lover, head on over to learn more about the Touch T526S Brewer here and see if its the perfect gift to give (or to put on your own list!)

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