Thursday, February 4, 2016

Valentine's Series: Affordable Personalized Gifts with Zazzle

Valentine's Day gifts.  They are notoriously sweets and flowers, right?  And while I love receiving flowers, getting candy as an adult is a little bittersweet (haha puns).  I mean it's  definitely a special treat.  But it's also an added temptation.  You see, I have no will power when it comes to sweets.  So when candy enters my house... oh man its gone in 1, 2 days tops.  I can't control myself!

That's why I've started giving non-candy gifts.  This, of course, also makes thinking of a good Valentine's Day gift just a little bit challenging.  My husband likes practical gifts.  Things that he will use often and that will come in handy regularly.  But buying a boring, practical gift without a little something to make it personal just feels so... "blah" for me.  It takes out the fun of gift giving!

Thankfully, my friends at Zazzle can take pretty much anything and turn it into a thoughtful gift. So what did I decide to get my two Valentines? (Hubby and son...Oh, and I got myself one as well.) I wanted something we would use year-round.  Something that wouldn't just sit on a shelf somewhere in our house to be forgotten.  So I got... beverage coolers.

We live in sunny, funny Florida.  Hydration is very important, especially in the summer months.  So a great water bottle/cooler is always something we are in need of down here. Now, when you hear "I got a beverage cooler" without seeing the picture above, it sounds a little boring.  But this is where Zazzle works its magic, right?  Taking the boring and turning it into something absolutely gift-worthy.

I love how vibrant the designs on the coolers are.  I was also happy to see that they look and feel high quality.  No cheap materials here. The strap (included with the quart size beverage coolers) is a great addition.  I can see us using these to easily carry our coolers around the park and theme parks. And the best part?  The prices are super affordable.  On top of that, Zazzle often runs sales and specials.

Beverage coolers may not fit your Valentine's Day needs but this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Zazzle has pretty much everything you could imagine available in a customizable format. Intrigued? Not sure what to get your Valentines this year? Check out Zazzle here for tons of gift options.  (Side Note: They even have customizable candy bars... I was very, very tempted.)

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