Wednesday, May 4, 2016

More Boy Dolls & Where to Get Them

Since my post on my boy doll search and find, I've received recommendations for boy dolls and boy doll companies  And quite honestly, I wouldn't have discovered some of these wonderful companies and boy doll options if I didn't have this blog so... I figured I'd share the information with you all! Spread the word so other mamas, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, etc, can have a bit of an easier time finding what they're looking for.  Because let me tell you, finding a boy doll is a struggle right now.  So let's make it easier together, right? Right!

Here we go...

Boy Story

Boy Story dolls are different than anything I've ever seen.  They are a seriously ingenious mix of action figure and doll called "Action Dolls."  The dolls have jointed limbs perfect for active and pretend play.   Best of all, this product is created by two mamas. After feeling the boy doll search struggle, these creative and driven ladies decided to solve the problem -- by creating their own boy doll.  The product is still in the kickstarter phase but they are just $5,000 away from their goal.

Wonder Crew Dolls

Wonder Crew Dolls seem to be a mix of a baby doll and boy doll. These absolutely adorable dolls are made for both boys and girls and encourage adventure, friendship, and imagination. The founder is a mother, as well as a psychotherapist,who was frustrated by the messages young boys receive through their options for "gender appropriate" toys.

Get Ready Kids
 If you're looking for an affordable doll, Get Ready Kid may be the option for you. They're nothing fancy but they're cute nonetheless. And they're available at Walmart.

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