Monday, May 30, 2016

Summer Beauty Favorites (Warm Weather Favorites)

Summer weather!  It's here! And with it comes a need for some new beauty must haves.  After all, warmer weather equals more fun in the sun and, unfortunately, more sweat on our pretty faces.  So here is my warm weather beauty survival guide. Check it out and give these products a try!

COVERGIRL truBlend Liquid Makeup
First off, let me just say COVERGIRL has been hitting home runs like it's nothing lately. This is not the same COVERGIRL we grew up with, ladies.  They have grown leaps and bounds to provide a large selection of innovative and quality products at affordable prices. CG has officially become my go-to drugstore makeup brand.

The truBlend Liquid Makeup is my NEW favorite foundation.  That's right.  It has replaced the 3-in-1 as my go-to.  The formula is a little more moisturizing than the 3-in-1 and the finish seems a bit smoother. And just as the name suggests, the color match is spot on.  (Just give the makeup a minute to oxidize after applying and you'll see its full effects.) And best of all, like the 3-in-1, it doesn't breakout my sensitive, acne prone skin.

It has been a long, long time since I've used a concealer stick regularly.  I usually prefer the liquid/wand application formulas but this FIXSTICK has changed that.  Coverage wise this stick does an awesome job.  I also don't have a problem blending it. Of course, the FIXSTICK works best with the truBlend line, but I've used it with other brands without a problem as well.

COVERGIRL trunaked Eyeliner Duo
This eyeliner is finally an affordable answer for those of us who LOVE the nude double eyeliner concept a certain upscale brand makes, but are not so in love with its upscale pricing.  This eyeliner easily blends when first applied, but once it's fully set, it stays put.  I love the neutral colors. Browns are a much more natural/soft alternative to the traditional black liner, making it a perfect summer must have.

COVERGIRL Colorlicious Oh Sugar! Vitamin Infused Lip Balm 
I've review this product before but I'm here to sing its praises once again.  This balm is moisturizing with a lot of pigment: Something you don't see often. The color is buildable and applies smoothly without any hassle. The Oh Sugar! balms are easily one of my favorite lip products ever.

Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Cream
You know those days when it's so hot you just "can't even" with a full face of makeup?  Putting on primer and foundation is just NOT happening but you still want some coverage to even out skin tone and disguise blemishes? This is where Physicians Formula Super BB Cream comes in.  I don't even apply this baby with a sponge or brush.  I simply squirt some of the cream into my hands and apply.  It's quick, easy, lightweight, and effective.  The only thing it's missing is sunscreen.  But, even that is an easy problem to fix.  I simply use my daily moisturizer (with SPF) before apply the BB Cream.  The finish of this cream is gorgeously natural.  And, of course, my skin doesn't freak out when I wear it.

MAC Versicolour Stain
One of the absolute BEST parts of summer beauty is the need for a pop of bright, vibrant color.  MAC's Versicolour stains provide this stunning color with a long lasting formula.  I find the Veriscolour line has a much more velvety feel than most stains.  They're not stiff or sticky and they don't dry out the lips.  Plus, unlike a lot of other stains, they apply easily and evenly with just one coat.  And you can't beat the color selection in this collection.  My favorites are "Truly Everlasting," "It's Neverending!," "Last Minute," and, for you daring beauties out there, "Long Distance Relationship."

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor
Warm weather brings short shorts, cute sun dresses, and swimwear. Unfortunately, that also means more shaving for most of us.  BUT with the Venus & Olay Razor shaving is so much easier. The razor's Olay moisture bars leave skin feeling smooth and soft without the extra hassle of buying and applying shave gel, body wash, or lotions.  Plus, they just smell so good!

Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo
This one is for all of my fellow blondies.  We all know the mix of sun and water can turn even the slightest bit of blonde into a brassy yellow or even orange color.  The Shimmer Lights shampoo removes this unwanted brass and tones hair back down to bright, beautiful blonde.  I've used several purple shampoos and this one is by far the most effective. (I've even used expensive salon brands, guys! And this one just gets the job done faster.) It does have a kind of hair dye scent when shampooing, however, that scent doesn't transfer over to hair.  It also doesn't dry out or ravage hair either. Because whats the point of having great color if you have just damaged your hair beyond repair to get it, right?

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
Summer sandals equal the need to have toes looking pretty.  But who has the time or money to make it to the salon regularly to make sure those toesies are looking their best?  Not me. This is why I love Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel polishes.  They have the same smooth, streak-free look of a salon job but without all of the time it takes. Best of all, these long lasting gel polishes don't require an ultraviolet light.  Simply apply polish and set with the one of a kind top coat and you're ready to go.  They dry quickly and provide a flawless look.

This post is sponsored.  The thoughts and opinions are my own.


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