Thursday, August 25, 2016

How To Be A Mom And Still Enjoy Your Own Company

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had to deal with long office hours or a terrible boss - being a mom is by far the most demanding job of them all. Add a career and a social life on top of your mommy duties and it can often leave you feeling drained. But once the kids are in bed, it’s important that you take some quality time out for yourself, even if you do just want to crawl straight into bed! Take a look below for some low-key activities you can do purely in your own company.

1) Read a good book

This might sound like an obvious option. But think about it; how many books have you read since you became a mom? With your attention usually focused on what your little ones are doing, it leaves us little time to get engrossed in a novel. Once they’re in bed dust off that book that you never got a chance to read and settle down for a cozy evening on the sofa.

Photo from Google 2) Cook

Before you stop reading, hear us out! We don’t mean a three-course banquet or a huge batch to feed the family for a week. Try cooking something simple yet tasty just for you. You will enjoy the calmness of mealtimes when you’re not running after four other people. Cooking can be therapeutic, so put some relaxing music on and enjoy preparing dinner for yourself. The added bonus of no dinner-time tantrums will make it taste even better! Pair your meal with a glass of wine or a beer depending on your preference and sink into some quality ‘me-time’.

3) Watch a movie

Ever feel like your television is permanently stuck on the children’s channels? Enjoy some freedom in the evening with free reign of the television yourself. If you can’t find anything that takes your fancy, apps like Showbox have a huge number of movies and TV shows available to stream to your heart’s content. You can stream from your laptop, tablet and even your cell phone ; and can do it on the go too (providing you have a stable internet connection).

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4) Do some yoga

It may sound a bit zany, but yoga has many proven benefits for both the body and the mind. Although slow and low-intensity, it can aid weight loss, flexibility and can even help boost your body confidence. You don’t need any special equipment to try yoga – just comfy clothes and something to cushion the floor with. There are plenty of online guides and video tutorials to help you become a master yogi in no time!

5) Pamper yourself
As a mom, self-care can often fall by the wayside when you’re so busy with everything else. Designate an evening per week, or per fortnight to taking care of your mind and body. Got dry skin that’s been bugging you? Open that expensive moisturizer you got for your birthday and let it sink into your skin. Or treat yourself to a new nail polish and do a home manicure. Remember, you deserve to treat yourself too!

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  1. This is so true! I enjoy spending time with my kids but I also really need some couple time and some time to myself! This is once a week when I go to my Pilates course and from time to time when my mum takes the kids! I love having a bath, reading a book or surfing around online, especially reading my horoscope on or scrolling through classical memes and I also love having dinner with my husband on the balcony or wow yes, in a restaurant ;)
    It is important to not forget about one self!!
    Have a great day! Natalie