Monday, August 15, 2016

A Realistic Life Plan To Managing Your Time

We all have those days every once in awhile where everything is hectic. From start to finish, we have barely a moment to breathe between tasks. Up early, get ready to go out, drop kids off at school, then on with our day. And whether that's working in an office, store, construction site or running errands, it's tiring. More than twelve hours after waking up, we're still just starting to get dinner going.

This kind of lifestyle is responsible for a lot of stress in working parents. You get to the weekend exhausted and even then there's still stuff to do. And you don't resent any of it, but you would give your right arm for a bit more of that time to spare. Because the main reason for our stress, so often, is that we feel we simply do not have time for everything. Finding a way to ease that time pressure can be vital.

1. Block Tasks Off; Don't Multitask Unless You Have To

Many of us are under the impression it will save time if we just do two or three things at once. So we pay our bills while we're cleaning the oven, or we fix a leaky tap while calling to book a doctor's appointment. It saves time, right? Well, experts say not. Multitasking can just be a big distraction and even unhealthy. It can lead to you doing things not as well while not saving much time. By all means, fill the dead time during a task with another task, but don't flit between. Use a schedule or planner to keep yourself on track.
2. Take Ten Minutes To Just Breathe Here And There

We've all said it at one point or another. "I have not had a moment to breathe today". And in a busy day, the routine can be unbelievably intense. However, by piling one thing on top of another, you can end up just sleepwalking through the day and not doing things well. By taking time out to breathe - meditate if you like, but it's not obligatory - you'll refresh body and mind for the tasks ahead.

3. Eat! Lunch Is NOT For Wimps

The famous quote from the movie Wall Street sums up to a T a mindset which is very damaging. There're many reasons so many city traders burn out and end up having nervous breakdowns or heart attacks. You need to eat during the day. Studies have shown that working hungry can be as damaging as working while drunk. Even a quick sandwich or healthy instant porridge for travellers will make a big difference.

It can be hard to find time during a busy day to eat, relax and do things right. Stress is hard to keep at bay, but you do owe it to yourself to make sure that you're able to keep doing what you do. You won't benefit by closing your eyes and putting the pedal to the metal. You may not have much downtime, but you do have time. Using it to the maximum is important, and that means taking a beat and thinking about things.

This is a collaborative post.

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