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2 Kids And No Space - Your Survival Guide To Cozy Living

Many Moms would love their kids to have separate rooms. But that simply isn’t the reality for so many of us. Space can get tight as your family grows. While some parents may enjoy the delights of a play room and large living spaces, there are many who have one small bedroom for the kids to use. When your home is smaller than you like, you need to be space savvy.

Storage solutions are always the savior of parents with small homes. However, there needs to be more practical living arrangements as well. If the kids are sharing a room, it makes sense to use bunk beds. Websites like can show you the kind of possibilities that are out there. Built in storage and two beds makes sense when a bedroom has to be shared.

So how do you divide a room fairly between two kids? Generally speaking, children will accept that the oldest child gets the first choice. It’s not entirely fair, but it could stop a couple of arguments about who gets top bunk! As for the rest of the floor space, it will need to be shared, with both kids using the same areas. Siblings are usually very good when it comes to this. Of course, if a spat starts, there are always options. Have a look at for ideas.

Sharing the space could mean that time there needs to be divided up instead. If they don’t want to play together, you may need to find something else for one of them to do. If the spat is over sharing toys, why not have two toy chests? Each child can keep their most precious belongings in there without having to share. Whatever doesn’t fit, or doesn’t count, must be shared. Sharing is a big part of growing up, so this could aid a valuable life lesson.

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Double wardrobes give your kids enough space to divide the hanging area. Built in drawers and containers can help here too, with a set being provided on each side. Have you ever tried labeling shelves, cupboards and containers? This can help your kids keep things organized and tidy. It means they can easily take on the responsibility of maintaining order in their own rooms and identify what is theirs.

Of course, if your children are very tiny, you may need to use the room for naps during the day too. Keeping an older sibling entertained quietly out of the room is never easy. However, your living room could also be the place for children to play. If you have a baby monitor, you may even be able to take some of the play out of the garden. Storage containers can protect many of the toys from the weather, and will free up the space in your home. Best of all, you can set a little covered play area outdoors for the kids to enjoy safely.

It’s not easy making the most of a very small space. Spats and disagreements can occur a little more regularly too. But kids who grow up in shared rooms often become closer as adults.

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