Monday, September 26, 2016

Must-Have Products for Surviving Your Baby / Toddler / Preschooler's Cold

It's going to happen.  It's just a matter of time.  Now or later, your child is going to get sick.  It may just be a little cold... but that little virus can disrupt an entire household in no time.

Discomfort and lack of sleep can make for a very cranky little one.  As parents, we want to help our kids feel better.  Not just for their sake, but in some cases, for our own sanity. (There! I said it!)

 It's especially difficult to help comfort your child when they are so young. Cold medicines are not recommended for kids under four.  So what can you do? Don't worry.  I got you. Here are the top products I use to comfort my son when a cold attacks.

Johnson's Baby Soothing Vapor Bath

A nice warm bath is a go-to for many parents when trying to help their child relax.  Add some of this vapor bath to help your little one breathe a little easier.  The menthol, rosemary, and eucalyptus contained in this bath are a soothing addition to an already calming experience. (Recommended for three months and up.)


If my son has a fever, we switch out his apple juice for apple flavored Pedialyte.  If the apple flavor isn't available (it's so hard to find), then we get the unflavored one and add it to his apple juice.  Even without a fever, if I notice my son isn't drinking as much while he has a cold, I give him a little Pedialyte. Hydration.  It's the key to so much.  (Recommended for one year and up.)

PediaCare Gentle Vapors Plug-In

Speaking of hard to find, this product is only carried at one store (Publix) near me.  But it's so worth the search.  Unlike the Vicks Vapor Pads (which make you choose between menthol and lavender), these vapor pads contain menthol, lavender, camphor, chamomile, and eucalyptus.  I prefer the scent and it seems to do a better job of lulling my son to sleep at night. (Recommended for three months and up.  Not for use during pregnancy.)

Vick's BabyRub

Vick's is getting some love here.  My son is old enough to use regular Vick's but he prefers the BabyRub.  It has a much more mellow scent (Menthol is absent here. Rosemary, eucalyptus, and lavender run the show.) and seems to comfort him at bedtime.  (Recommended for three months and up.)

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