Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lillypost: A Children's Book Subscription Box That Gives Back

Do you all remember when subscription boxes FIRST started hitting the market? It was this fabulous new concept of a monthly (or quarterly, yearly, etc.) surprise in the mail.  I've reviewed several subscriptions; Some beauty related, some mommy/baby related.  But this one is different than any of the other subs I've seen out there.

Lillypost is a sub-box, created by Book Depot, filled with children's books.  So... no guilt over spending money on that (...in my mind at least.  What? It's an educational purchase for my son!)  Not only that, Lillypost has partnered with an organization called Project Night Night.  Project Night Night is  a charity that provides nighttime essentials (blankets, stuffed animals, and books) to homeless children throughout the United States. For every subscription box purchased and shipped each month, Lillypost will donate one new book to Project Night Night. So really... no guilt over spending money on this box.

The box itself takes the "surprise in the mail" aspect to a whole new level.  You can choose from a box of five books appropriate for ages 0-3 years or a box of four books appropriate for ages 3 and up. Each book in the box will be wrapped (like a present).  I don't know about your kids, but my son just loves opening gifts.  No matter what is actually inside, just unwrapping the paper is a thrill for him.  The fact that there were these four really cute books inside was the icing on the cake for him. Adorable book tags are also included in the box.

Love was the overall theme of the books we received in the box. Heartwarming and fun, they are stories my son wants us to read to him over and over.  (Where you go...I go. is his new favorite).

So what's the cost? I've included the price breakdown below.  For four - five books delivered to your door, it's a great deal.

Subscription Options:
1 month: $26/month
3 months: $24/month
6 months: $22/month
12 months: $20/month (1st month free!)

For more information on Lillypost check out their website here.


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