Friday, September 16, 2016

Three Surprising Things You Can Get Done At Your Local Store

Got a lot of errands to run? Most of us have. Many of us find ourselves splitting our time between working, cooking, and taking the kids to a million after school classes. Little jobs such as posting that overdue letter or picking up some medication can often turn into big jobs if left for too long. If you live out of town, or in a large city, this problem can become even more difficult. Allowing extra time for traffic doesn't always seem worth it when you get cornered in the street by one of the soccer moms and you can't get away for half an hour. Before you know it, it's time to take the kids to ballet, or hockey, or choir - and as usual, your to-do list is mounting. This is why having everything you need to deal with in one place can be incredibly helpful these days. Many large superstores now house everything under one roof. You avoid walking or driving between different stores and can save time as well as picking up your groceries. Here are some of the surprising things you can do in the store that can save you time and money.

Get your eyes tested

Booking an eye test at an opticians practice is something we all know we should do regularly. However, not many of us can honestly say that we actually do it. It is recommended that we get our eyes tested every one to two years, although people rarely follow this to the book. If it's been a long time since you had your eyes tested, it might be the right time to go back to the optician's chair. Luckily, many major superstores now have an in-house opticians, meaning you don't need to go out of your way to get your vision tested. Many also offer free eye check-ups. For a breakdown on prices, you can visit websites such as which will be able to help you add things up.

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Get your car serviced

Noticed your warning light came on when you were driving down to get groceries? Simply take your car into the auto care centre at your local store. They may even be able to look at your car while you shop. If you are concerned about your tires, tire replacement can cost as little as $12 per tire if you choose the standard installation package.

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Visit the pharmacist

We all know the hassle of visiting the doctor. If you want to avoid multiple trips to the clinic every time you or you children need a prescription, why not open up a family account at your store's pharmacy? This way, you can have your medical history on record and can get your prescriptions made up for you whilst you're at the store. Certain stores also offer home delivery. Speak to your store's pharmacist about what will work best for you and your family. Remember store pharmacies have all the same features as an external one - so you can even get vaccinations done there.

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