Tuesday, October 11, 2016

3 Christmas Eve Traditions Your Family Will Adore

As we are still only in October, planning for Christmas Eve now might seem very premature. But if you want to make it as special as possible for your children, you need to start planning now. Christmas Eve is the most magical day of the year for young children and their parents. It’s a day when the unexplained takes place and spending time with your family is encouraged. So why not enhance this wonderful occasion by starting your own family tradition. This can be something you continue for years to come and be something your entire family will look forward to taking part in. Here are some beautiful Christmas Eve traditions that young and old will adore.

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Throw a party

Christmas Eve is the perfect opportunity to throw a festive family party. Now only it an excellent way to celebrate with your loved ones, it’s also a fantastic way to bond with your family beforehand. Your children can help you make Xmas party invitations or bake some festive party food for the occasion. You can create Christmas themed party games that all ages can get involved in. Even a Christmas movie party can be a laid back way to boost Christmas cheer before the main event. Whether you invite a small group or your entire street, your parties will be something everyone looks forward to each year. To help you start planning your party now, look on Pinterest for inspiration and ideas.

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Open your Christmas Eve boxes

While the majority of the present opening will occur on Christmas day, receiving some present early won’t hurt. A Christmas Eve box can be filled with an array of treats for each member of your family. This could include books, hot chocolate, and new pajamas. The contents of the boxes can then be used to keep your family entertained throughout Christmas Eve. Your family can all wear your pajamas and enjoy a festive story together. You can also drink your hot chocolate and eat some of the candy in your boxes too. This can help everyone chill out before your inevitably busy Christmas day. The great thing about these boxes is that you can include any items you please. Look for gift guides online to get some ideas of what your boxes could contain.

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Leave milk and cookies for Santa

Before your children go to bed, remind them that Santa and his reindeer will be hungry after their long trip. They can then prepare a plate of cookies and carrots and a glass of milk to leave under your chimney. Once your kids are asleep, you can then make it look like the cookies and milk have been consumed by Santa. Your kids will love waking up to see that Santa and Rudolf appreciated their snack. This is a popular Christmas Eve tradition because it’s simple but enhances the magic of the occasion.

Practicing these traditions each year can make the holidays feel even more special for your family. Whether you use these traditions ideas or come up with your own, start getting everything you need now and avoid the holiday rush.

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