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Kitting Out Your New Kitchen: Great Purchases To Consider

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The kitchen is often the center of the home. It’s where you can share food, gossip over a cuppa with your friends or neighbours and spend time together with the kids outside of their bedrooms. But it’s more than just a social space. It’s a practical space too. After all, it’s where all of your food is stored and prepared. Here are a few things to consider purchasing when kitting out any new kitchen.

The Essentials

There are a few things that every kitchen should have. These will allow you to store and cook your food safely and easily.


A good fridge freezer is a must. What you will need will depend on your lifestyle. Do you have five kids, a husband and a few pets to look after? Chances are, you could do with a large, double door deal with ice dispenser and the works. If you live alone, you won’t need something quite so extravagant. A slimline refrigerator with a couple of freezer drawers would be sufficient.


The main feature of most kitchens is the oven. The main choice here is electric or gas. This is purely down to personal preference. Gas is generally cheaper than electricity and gas ovens are often considered to have better hobs. They heat immediately and give a good spread of heat across the bottom of the pan you’re using. Electric ovens offer you more control over the heat you desire. Fans create a more even distribution. Electric oven hobs are also easier to clean than the ceramic burners and metal risers on gas ovens.

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Okay, microwaves aren’t absolutely essential. But they do make your life easier. From quick microwave meals to heating up last night’s leftovers, microwaves can make cooking much faster without all the faff. To find out which microwave will be best for you, check out What Microwave.

Novelty Items

Novelty items really personalise any kitchen. They make cooking and eating more fun. Here are a few ideas of alternative accessories to brighten up your kitchen and make culinary ventures more exciting.

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Popcorn Makers and Nut Roasters

Everyone loves popcorn. From kids to adults. There’s something satisfying about that popping sound as the kernels heat up and explode into fluffy bite size pieces. Popcorn can be purchased ready made, but it’s so much better freshly popped and warm. This can be done in the microwave, but you could also consider a popcorn maker. This way you can see the kernels popping and will know exactly when the popcorn is done. No more burnt pieces or undercooked, unexploded kernels. These can also double as nut roasters. This is great for BBQs and festive events alike.

Bottle Openers

We’re always looking for the bottle opener. Searching through drawers as cold, fridge-fresh beers wait to be popped open. There’s a fix for this. Wall mounted bottle openers mean no more rifling through drawers. They fix to the wall in your kitchen and come in all sorts of designs. Our favourite are vintage style ones. Opening a glass bottle of coke on these make you feel like you’ve been taken right back to the fifties.

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