Tuesday, October 18, 2016

No More Bugs! Keep Your Child Protected At School With These Unmissable Tips

It’s so easy for kids to pick up bugs when they are at school. The close proximity to other children means that bugs spread like wildfire. It’s not surprising that the average child has over six colds a year! And it’s not just flu you have to worry about. Head lice, stomach bugs, and chickenpox are all bugs your child might face once through the school gates. However, there are some ways you can protect your child so that they are less likely to pick up these bugs. Here are some unmissable tips to keep your child protected while they are at school.


Teach your child to wash their hands

Without you beside them, children don’t bother washing their hands properly when they are at school. In fact, this article suggests only 33% of girls and 8% of boys used soap after using the bathroom at school! It means they might have virus germs on their hands; if they then start rubbing their eyes or nose, a cold could be on its way! Therefore, it’s so important to teach your child to wash their hands properly to avoid the flu. Explain to them the importance of washing their hands after using the bathroom. If they don’t like using the bathroom sink at school, you could buy them some hand sanitizer. That way, they can use this to ensure all virus germs are washed away.

Make sure they have their own hairbrush

Head lice is another issue that kids face once through the school gates. In fact, over six million kids in the US get it every year! The tiny insects feed on blood from the scalp. And unfortunately, kids are more at risk of getting the disease. It’s easily passed on at school if children play together and put their heads close together. To avoid it occurring, you should persuade your child to not get too close to other kids. Also, you can encourage them not to use the same hairbrush as other children. If one of the tiny insects is on there, it will be passed onto your kid’s head! Buy them one of their own and tell them not to share it out with their friends. You can check if you kid has lice by looking at their scalp. They may also complain of an itchy head when they get home from school. You can get rid of the lice by purchasing some sprays. If you are finding it hard to remove them, you can contact a professional such as lice Clinics of America. They use an effective medical treatment to get rid of the lice!

Buy them their own pencil case

One of the top ways bugs are spread is via contact. A child might have flu germs on their hands, and then they may use an item. If this is then passed to your kid, they will be at risk of picking up a bug. Therefore, to prevent them from getting bugs, you should make sure they have their own items for school. Purchase a pencil case full of items they need, so that they won’t have to borrow an item from another child. If your child does pick up a flu bug, you can read a previous post on must-have products to beat the bug!

Hopefully, these tips will keep the pesky bugs away from your child!

This is a collaborative post written by a contributing writer. 

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