Monday, November 28, 2016

Mom Sick Day Hacks

If you follow my social media (and this blog) you may have noticed I haven't been posting at my typical frequency.  That is because this mama got sick! And it took me down.  It was one of those times - a virus causes a sinus infection wicked enough to slow even the strongest Super Mom down.  But as I was trying to rest (HA!) and still take care of my family, I realized there are some tricks that I used (and learned from my own mother) that others may not know about.  And, since us mamas have to stick together, I thought I'd share them below.

Baby Food

This is perhaps the most unique tip I have.  Disclaimer - It sounds a little odd, but give it a chance and this will be a game changer.   I know baby food has a reputation for being... well... gross.  But it's really not that bad if you buy certain combos and add a little salt and spice to it.

When my brothers and I were younger and had our wisdom teeth out or throats so sore that we couldn't eat real food, we did not get to live off of ice cream and smoothies like most kids.  My mom has a medical background, so she knew putting nutrients back into our bodies was essential for the healing process.  So what did we get instead?  Baby food.  My mom would heat it up, add some salt (sometimes butter and garlic), and serve it to us. And, honestly, it's pretty good. When done right, it ends up tasting like a fancy pureed soup.  So, now when I'm so sick that I don't even feel like eating, this is what I do.  It's fast, easy, delicious, and I'm putting nutrients into my body instead of junk.

Frozen Meals for the Fam

Frozen food gets a bad rep.  And, yes, it isn't the best idea to eat nothing but frozen, processed food all of the time.  But when you're barely able to drag your butt out of bed and you want to make sure your kids are eating more than cereal and pizza, a frozen casserole can be your lifeline.  Brands like Amy's also have meals that are a little healthier than the typical family style TV dinner brands.  After all a frozen noodle, cheese, chicken, and broccoli meal is better than a meal of Froot Loops or Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Shower Time

Take a little longer (if you can) when it comes to your shower time.  Breathe in the steam and take a time out to just focus on your own self-care. You'd be surprised how much better (and less congested) you can feel after a long, hot shower.

Pedialyte's not just for kids! Sipping on some Pedialyte can replenish a feverish, worn out mom in no time.  Also, as hard as it may be, try to stay away from the caffeine when you have a high temperature.

Screen Time = Rest Time

Loosening the screen time reins is a way I get a little extra rest.  "Yes, mommy knows you usually only get to play with the tablet after bath time.  But right now mommy is so dizzy that she can barely here you go. Play while I lay down on the couch next to you."

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  1. Love your honest share of your sick day hacks...I live with Crohn's disease and before the surgery (years ago) I eat butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and sweet peas because it was perfect for digesting!! Esp the sweet potatoe! :)