Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Stuck In The Moment? Life Stages With Your Kids To Look Forward To

So much of being a Mom involves being busy. You're so focused on the tiny details of this exact moment in time, or if it's in the future, it's more immediate. Perhaps it's the next homework assignment to check or an upcoming playdate to schedule. You know the future is coming, but it's not something you tend to have the time to focus on. Even as your kids grow at an alarming rate, in your mind, they're still your babies.

As we near the end of another year, it's worth stepping back for a moment - in order to look forward. In the small frustrations of everyday life, a look at the bigger picture can be just the tonic you need. It'll remind you why the stress, worry, and panic is all completely worth it in the end even if, in the moment, you're too busy to remember.

Parenting doesn't end when your child (or children) reach a mythical age where they are now a Fully Formed Adult. You've got so much to look forward to and memories to make - so take a breath, and allow yourself a moment to daydream about what's coming up.

School Graduation

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It's one of the turning points of life; the shift from adolescence, and one your children will go through. It's a moment of intense pride as well as the occasional "where have the years gone?!" flurry of panic. Age your kid in your mind and imagine them in cap and gown, proudly celebrating their new steps in life. Of course, you have to embarrass them by insisting on giving a speech. Several times.

Finding The Love of Their Life

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You never know how your kids will decide their life. They might not get married, so I can't just promise the sparkle of diamond engagement rings and flowing white dresses. They might choose never to marry; the love I am talking about can be anything. It might be a romantic partner; it might be a job they are deeply passionate about. It will be something that makes their eyes sparkle and their enjoyment of life triple, and you'll be there to witness it.

One of the reasons we raise kids is so they can find their own way in the world and the things that excite them. If might not be something (or someone!) you particularly find engaging, but it'll matter to them, so it matters to you.

Asking For Help As An Adult

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You'll be settling down on a Sunday evening to a glass of wine and a good book. The nest is empty; you've coped, and you've learned to enjoy the silence. Then the phone will ring: "Mom? I need help with something..."

And in that moment, for all their desire for independence, you will see your new role take shape in their life. It's one to treasure; your relationship will have changed, but it doesn't need to be for the worse. Your kids will become your friends as well as your offspring, so busy as you are, it'll all come good in the end.

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