Saturday, November 26, 2016

Top Tips for Moms With Two Under Two

Being a Mom with infants can be tough. Doable, but tricky. Sometimes, tips from those that have been there, or little hacks on making things easy or quicker, can help. So that’s the aim of today’s post. If you’re a Mom with two under two, or even a few under school-age, these tips might just help you to get through the day with fewer tears - from them or you!

They’re nothing mindblowing all that new, but focusing on these easy ideas can make a difference to your day - if they don’t already.

Keeping Them Busy and Sweet

We all know our little ones like attention, but it can be hard to think of new ideas that can keep them entertained and calm at the same time. No to mention, save your sanity! Baking is an activity that should always be fun. Your little ones can get involved with making things like cookies, that are quick and easy, and enjoy eating them for days afterward!

Sit and Stand Strollers

Getting anywhere with two under two can feel like a mission in itself. Often it is. A double buggy is a very good idea, but it can be hard to handle and get around. If you’ve not thought about a sit and stand stroller yet, you might want to. They keep your toddler in check, without them feeling locked up. Sites such as like have great reviews and comparison points to help you figure out which style is best for you.

Jazzing Things Up

If your kids love to be creative and you’ve had a project in mind, then a little DIY could kill two birds with one stone. Whether you want to create something decorative for the home or to go up in the bedroom, or something they can both use, DIY is a great activity to get it done. Babies can play happily in the bouncer while you and the toddler get to work on something fun.

Mommy’s Little Helper

Often, the eldest of the two can feel like the youngest gets a lot of attention. It is hard for them to understand that the baby needs you more, but it can be made easier by showing them. The littlest might be in a bouncer or highchair during a lot of your activities together, but they don’t always have to be. Why not let the eldest help you give the baby a bath or feed them. Sibling bonding can be special, and it helps to show them attention at the same time.

Share and Share Alike

Do your children like to share? If not, you’re not alone. They’re so close in age, but sometimes that can be the only thing they have in common. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a little more control over their routines if you want to sync them up. It can seem easier to separate their bedtimes and mealtimes, but sometimes, joining them can be much more hassle free. And if the toddler becomes Mommy’s little helper, you won’t be doing it alone!

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