Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Morning After: How To Get Through The Day When You Haven't Slept

If I Fall Asleep Now, I Can Get... Two Hours?

There is a lot of information out there on how to make sure you get a good night's sleep. You've probably heard so many tips you could recite them all in your sleep. But if you've heard them all and put them into practice, you'll know one more thing. Sometimes, no matter how well-behaved you are, the Sandman doesn't come, and you don't get the sleep you need.

Short of powerful medication, which should be avoided in all but the direst emergency, there's no foolproof way to drop off. It could be for any reason. A disturbance in your routine, a distant nagging worry. It could be something stupid that happened years ago. It doesn't matter. What matters is getting through the next day.

How Do You Deal With The Morning After A Sleepless Night?

Unless you're very fortunate with when it falls, the world doesn't stop for you when you've not slept. Your job needs doing, the kids need feeding and looking after. When you can't crawl back under the covers for a while, you need a strategy - a way of surviving until the following, hopefully restful, night.

Dealing With Feeling Tired

Sometimes, after a night where you slept for just an hour or two, you feel weird in the morning. A kind of wired adrenalized feeling. Almost like you're hyper-powered. It happens, but it doesn't last, and you will feel a crash.

When that hits, you need caffeine. Good, strong, quality coffee is the best delivery system. A look at the machines available on Espresso Gusto and elsewhere will give you some ideas. In extreme cases, a drink of ice cold water also helps.

Dealing With Looking Tired

If you can go through a night without sleep and rise without it showing in your face, you're either a teenager or ridiculously lucky. Most of us will show the scars of a battle with insomnia. The first thing to do is chase off the tell-tale dark circles around the eyes. Use cucumber slices or used tea bags to help with this.

Additionally, a spritz of water will wake you up as well as replenishing moisture that can drain from the face. Apply a moisturizer to lock this in, and don't use your usual foundation. A tinted shade will give more life to the skin. You may know you've not slept, but no one else needs to.

Getting Through To Night Time

It is always tempting to catch up on sleep as soon as it is lost. So if you don't have a full day of work ahead you may plan in a nap for the afternoon to help yourself feel better. I would advise against this. Napping too much in daytime can lead to restless nights. If you can grab a fifteen to thirty-minute power nap, this will help pep you up. It will also avoid the sluggishness that often follows a two-hour nap.

At the end of the day, don't feel bad about having an early night. The best time to go to bed is when you feel tired, and this is when your body will take the sleep it needs. By trying to stretch it out until your usual bedtime, you may risk kicking into that odd, wired feeling again. Before too long, you're in a cycle of insomnia.

This is a collaborative post written by a contributing writer. 

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