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Wonderful Ways To Have Good Old-Fashioned Festive Fun

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Just a couple more sleeps until Christmas guys and I’ll be honest, I’m having mixed feelings about it. Over the years we seem to have lost a lot of the wonder and the magic that used to be around Christmas. Rather than spending time with the family on Christmas Day kids are playing video games and parents are watching movies. Instead of celebrating Christmas Eve people order in a pizza. Well, I say it’s time we put some of the old fashioned festive fun back into the Christmas holidays. Here are some great ideas I think you’ll love.

Head Out Caroling

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I can’t remember the last time I saw people go caroling when they weren’t trying to raise money for charity. I say it’s time to bring it back big time thi, s year. On Christmas Eve let’s all go out with our families knocking on neighbors doors to sing those festive tunes. I’m sure some people will love it, particularly if you choose the right neighborhood. Just make sure at least one person in your group can actually hit at a note!

Homemade Winter Treats

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Let’s make some delicious winter treats for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I know that a lot of people just buy the goodies they stuff the sideboard with from the store. But what about if you made them fresh instead? Just think about how wonderful it would be if your home smelled of delicious mince pies and lots of other goodies too. I’m sure your guests would love them because nothing tastes better than a homemade mince pie. If you’re unsure where to start, you can find some fantastic recipes online.

Get Some Gifts You Can Share

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There’s still a few days left for some winter shopping. I think you should try and get some gifts that will bring people together rather than pushing them apart. For instance, you can buy boardgames that the whole family can enjoy. New board games come out every year and some of them are great fun. But if none of them tickle your fancy, you can always purchase some of the older classics. Clue, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit will all lead to some fantastic experiences on Christmas Day. Just as long as no one starts taking it too seriously. Make sure you buy someone a large variety pack of dice as well. Nothing is worse than having a game but no pieces.

Light Up The Room

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Forget about twinkling lights for your home this Christmas. Light up the place with some beautiful candles to give your home the perfect festive glow. If you’re worried about the danger of real flames you can get flameless candles from stores. They still give the same type of lighting effect but they are a lot safer.

Make It Magic

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If there’s one thing that’s been lost it’s the magic of Santa Claus. Let’s make everyone believe in this figure again by getting at least one special present for each person. Did you know you can actually get a replica of the bell from The Polar Express? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful present for a true believe in the spirit of Christmas?

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