Monday, January 16, 2017

Bunyan & Babe - Watch It For Free

Looking for a new movie that will keep your child's attention and entertain you as well? Want to watch it for free?  Bunyan & Babe is the answer.  Not only is this movie available for free on Google Play now through February 16th, it's one of the most endearing children's movies I've ever seen.

The movie starts out with two children, Travis and Whitney, going to their grandparents' farm for a visit.  While Whitney is excited for the trip, Travis isn't into it.  Not long after arriving, however, Travis starts to have fun and enjoy life on the farm. Then Travis witnesses the not-so-ethical practices of a real estate developer looking to take over the town and turn it into a mall.  While running from one of the real estate developer's lackeys, Travis falls into a magic portal and meets the legendary Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe. Bunyan, Babe, and Travis set out to save the town and their grandparents' farm in a series of whimsical adventures.

What I immediately loved about this film is the vivid colors and imagery. I wanted to visit Travis's grandparents' farm.  And I wanted to walk into Paul Bunyan's cabin on the lake.  John Goodman did a great job of portraying Bunyan.  His warm, friendly, gentle yet strong take makes Bunyan the most likeable hero in this tale.  Jeff Foxworthy's portrayal of Babe brings a ton of light-hearted fun to the mix.

This story has pretty clear good and bad guys from the beginning.  And while there is conflict in the plot, there is nothing scary or frightening that would spook young children. There are also some educational facts thrown in (along with the tall tales of Bunyan) thanks to super smart Whitney.

And...I'm going to admit this...the movie was a little more touching than I expected.  I found myself with that warm fuzzy feeling at the movie's conclusion and couldn't help but feel a little love for Mr. Bunyan and his pal, Babe.

Watch it for FREE now through February 16, 2017 on Google Play.
Bunyan & Babe will hit select theaters on February 3rd.

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