Friday, January 27, 2017

Curious Kids: Answers Moms Give vs. What They Mean

Did you know an Australian study found that kids ask their Mom a question an average of 300 times per day?

300 times.

Some of those might be legitimate questions, like asking what's for dinner or where to put a toy. The rest, however, are most likely babble. A child's endless search for knowledge is one of the greatest joys of parenting; the chance to infuse a new mind with knowledge, understanding and caring...

... It's pretty exhausting though, isn't it!

As a result, we Moms tend to develop a filter through which we process information - and we have a few stand-bys, ways to deflect and cope with the endless barrage! Any of these sound familiar?

Question: "Why is the sky blue?"

The Answer: It isn't, it just appears to be that way as blue light is the most visible in the spectrum.

The Answer A Busy Mom Gives: "Because of science, sweetie."

What You Mean: "I could explain this but I'm so tired I'm not 100% on whether I could spell my name right at this point. Sweetie."

Question: "Mom, why do I have to [anything they don't want to do]?"

The Answer: A justifiable reason for them having to do something.

The Answer A Busy Mom Gives: "Because I say so."

What You Mean: "Please don't question me further because I will break and say you don't have to, just for a bit of peace and quiet."

Question: "Why does my room have to be clean?"

The Answer: Tidy room, tidy mind or so the philosophy goes - and because it makes life easier for everyone.

The Answer A Busy Mom Gives: "Arguing doesn't mean it's not going to have to happen, so why don't you go take care of that for me?

What You Mean: "Have I raised an argumentative child who can't see why a tidy room is preferable? Have I failed as a parent? Why are they asking this again?!"

Question: "Why do I have to get up so early?"

The Answer: Studies have shown morning people are more likely to be successful. It's also better for you, and kids tend to respond better to routines.

The Answer A Busy Mom Gives: "That's when school starts."

What You Mean: "I have no idea. Why has humanity done this to ourselves? I'm so tired I think reading drip coffee maker reviews and looking up cappuccino gadgets is stimulating because of my desperate need for caffeine. You know what, I'm kind of in agreement with this - why do we get up so early? Kid’s got a point."

Question: "Why does [some question about the world] happen?"

The Answer: A long descriptive answer worthy of a college-level textbook.

The Answer A Busy Mom Gives: "Why don't you try and figure it out, honey? Why do you think it works?"

What You Mean: "I have no idea, but if I try and frame this as a teachable moment while I stealth search online for the answer then I'm going to win some parenting points. And if they guess correctly, then I was right, they are a genius!"

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