Friday, January 27, 2017

Cute Valentines Gifts For The Whole Family

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day again, how quickly does that come back around? And while there are a million love-heart teddies, boxes of chocolates, and generic flowers out there to buy, sometimes we want to show our appreciation to the mother or father of our children with something a bit more personal to our family. So why not make the gift something everyone will love, rather than just the two of you? Here are some fun and romantic ideas to try out, that won’t break the bank.

A family experience

Make memories this Valentine’s Day with a day out for the whole family, not just mom and dad. Why not go for a sunrise stroll along the beach, hand in hand? Or a day trip to the zoo, a nice meal, or a trip to the theme park? A day of love and laughter just isn’t the same without the little ones there, so keep them involved!

Custom figurines

A cute and fun present for your loved one would be custom figurines, such as personalized bobbleheads, made to represent the whole family. Lined up on the mantelpiece, they immortalize your family, and look really funny at the same time. This is definitely one that mom, dad, and the kids will adore, and it’s a great talking point for guests too - pretty soon everyone that visits will want one!

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Bespoke wall art

Get your kids involved in making a beautiful, romantic piece of wall art for your whole family to enjoy, and you’ve got the best of both worlds. Try using red paint and two little hands, side by side, to create a love heart shape, and use fine black markers to add elaborate detailing and names, for a really unique and beautiful piece of wall art. All you need to pay for is the frame and the paint (and all the soap it takes it get paint off little hands, but it’s totally worth it).

Personalized family tree

If you like the idea of customized wall art, but you want something slightly less messy, why not go for a personalized family tree of both sides of the family, leading down to the kids? They’ll love seeing their family history, and it’s a great way of making the unit feel complete too. Many companies will make these beautiful designs; you just have to supply the information - get the older kids to help out with the research by calling grandparents and asking about their families - it’s educational and fun.

Love letters for the whole family

Rather than just sending Valentine’s cards between mom and dad, why not encourage the whole family to spend time writing a letter to each sibling and parent. These letters can contain great memories, compliments, and hopes for the future, and they’ll be brilliant to look back on when you’re all a bit older. Even younger kids can get involved with drawing and trying to write their letters, so nobody has to be left out.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be for mommy and daddy; the whole family can get involved!

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