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Time-Saving Tricks For Moms Who Never Have Enough Hours In The Day

Are you a busy mom? Do you never feel like there are enough hours in the day? Do you wake up in the morning wondering how on earth you’re going to get everything done that day? If so, you’re not alone. Many parents struggle with time management. Hopefully, these time-saving tricks will help make life that little bit easier.


Scheduling is the place to start if you’re disorganized or you can never remember what you have on each week. You can choose from traditional diaries and calendars or invest in an app or use your phone to keep track of daily events. Once you have things written down, it’s a lot easier to plan and manage your time. You’re less likely to forget about commitments, and this prevents last-minute panics. You can also arrange appointments, play dates or work meetings around what you’ve got already in your diary, and this will reduce the risk of double booking.

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Planning ahead

Planning ahead is essential for moms on the go. Do you struggle to get everything done in the mornings? Are you always running late for work or dropping the kids in the nick of time? If so, try and get yourself sorted the night before. You can’t do everything in advance, but there are lots of jobs you can tick off. You can get the children’s clothes out ready, and prepare their lunch. If you’re going to work, you can also plan what you’re going to wear and rustle up a sandwich or salad to take with you. In the morning, all you’ve got to do is get breakfast ready, have a quick shower and get dressed.

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Making use of the latest technology

Technology can save you time and effort. There are all kinds of wonderful innovations that can make life less stressful, so don’t be afraid to embrace tech. Take your smartphone, for example. You can now use this to do everything from count the number of steps you take and set your thermostat to watching CCTV footage of your home and ordering your weekly grocery shop. You may not think that this will make a massive difference to your packed schedule. But think about how much time you’ll save by not having to drag the kids out to the supermarket or how much easier the mornings will be when you don’t have to worry about setting the security system as you bundle out of the door. If you have an outdated alarm system, you’ll find helpful articles like Livewatch security reviews online.

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Mastering the 5-minute morning makeover

It’s rare for moms on the go to have hours to spend in front of the mirror. If you can master a 5-minute morning makeover, you’ll leave the house on time, and you’ll look great. Once you’ve cleansed and moisturized, apply a thin layer of primer, and then use a brush to apply your foundation. Add concealer if you have dark circles, bags or troublesome outbreaks. Layer on blush or bronze to give your complexion warmth and color, apply highlighter to your cheekbones and brow bones and finish off with a slick of mascara.

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Working from home

If you have the option to work from home, you can save yourself time on commuting, and work around childcare commitments. You don’t have to work from home all the time, but a couple of days a week may make all the difference. If you’re finding it difficult to get everything done, ask your boss about flexible working arrangements. If you are working from home, try and get into a routine. It’s easier to get distracted, but if you have a list of jobs to get through, it’s important that you can focus and get your work done. Resist the temptation to try and work from the couch. It’s best to set yourself up in a study or a spare room, so you can concentrate properly and get into work mode.

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Are you always on the go? Do you feel like you chase your tail on a daily basis? If so, it may be worth trying to manage your time more effectively, and find ways to make life easier and less stressful. Invest in a diary or use an app to keep track of your schedule. Plan ahead where possible, and try and get sorted the night before. Embrace the wonders of modern technology, and talk to your boss about the possibility of working from home. Hopefully, these tips will give you time to get everything done and take a few minutes to relax. 

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