Monday, February 13, 2017

Get Back on Track After Life Happens

It happens to us all, right? We're going about our daily routine, ducks in a row,  and happens:  Someone gets sick, something breaks in the house, someone breaks a bone.  And then, your daily routine comes to a stand-still as you deal with whatever life had just thrown your way.  And before you know it, you're playing catch-up.  Trying to get your routine back.  Trying to get your organization game back. 

I'm in the middle of that catch-up game right now.  I'm behind on laundry, clutter is slowly accumulating on the flat surfaces throughout my house, and I'm putting double time into writing to keep up.  The game is almost over, however.  And I have a few tips on how to get back to your ducks in a row faster.

One at a Time

Do one thing at a time.  Often times when we are behind on tasks we have a tendency to try to do everything at one.  While multitasking on small tasks can be helpful, trying to complete multiple large tasks at a time can create an overwhelming moment of realizing you have a bunch of partially completed projects all around you... but nothing actually done.  One thing at a time, one step at a time until it's done.

Write Everything Down

Most likely there is a lot going on.  And a lot going on out of your regular routine. It's hard to remember every appointment or every detail.  Take the pressure off of yourself and write it all down.  I write everything down in my planner*so that it's all in one place for my reference.

Enlist the Help of Others

This one isn't always possible.  But if someone offers to help or if you have those around you willing to help, ask.  Even if it's playing with the kids for an hour so you can get a few phone calls or running to the store to pick up milk, any little bit can help.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Give yourself a break. Sometimes we don't have it all together and that's ok.  A little clutter isn't the end of the world. That pile of laundry will eventually be folded.  Ordering pizza for dinner doesn't mean you or your family will throw away all of their healthy eating habits. Things will eventually get back to normal. Smooth sailing will eventually return.  But until then, do what you can and don't guilt yourself for things being a little hectic or out of place. 

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