Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Boo! Scare and Prevent Lice With SoCozy

As parents, we've all heard the horror stories: Your kid starts school, picks up all kinds of germs from other kids, and...gets lice. There's something about lice that is gross, creepy, and slightly terrifying all at once.  And now, lice have become resistant to the typical treatments we use.  Lice that won't go away? Nooooooo.

My biggest question when facing the possibility of lice coming into our home was, "Is there anyway to prevent my kid getting lice in the first place?" The answer was an overwhelming "Yes!" from the parenting community. Lice preventative shampoos, conditioners, and sprays are now on the market to help proactive parents with the issue of lice.

The SoCozy Boo! line contains natural ingredients, such as tea tree oils and 9rosemary extract, to scare away lice.  It also contains good-for-your-hair ingredients likKeratin and Peppermint Oil.

This shampoo has a pleasant peppermint scent that my son actually prefers to his other shampoos. Over all it's a nice quality shampoo that leaves hair soft and smooth. I can't tell you if it's prevented lice because, thankfully, there hasn't been an outbreak at my son's school (knock on wood).  But it is a nice shampoo and conditioner that leaves hair feeling soft and fresh.  I've even used it on my own hair and I love the tingly, cool feeling the shampoo gives my head.

Want to give your household some ammo against lice? Pick up the SoCozy Boo! line available at Target.

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