Monday, February 20, 2017

Making Car Journeys Bearable: Hacks For Tired Moms

When it’s time to make a long car journey, a lot of moms feel dread wash over them. After all, it can be a challenge to keep your little ones content when in the vehicle for an hour or more. And if you are the one driving, it can make it even more challenging to keep the kids busy. However, there are some things you can do to make it a tad easier. Therefore, here are some hacks for tired moms on making car journeys bearable.

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Take plenty of snacks in the car

When you are in the car for an hour or more, it’s easy for the kids to start feeling peckish. And when they start to get hungry, their mood might begin to falter. And then they might start getting grizzly during the journey. And you might end up having to hunt down a rest stop so that you can find some food. So this doesn’t happen, you should make sure to take plenty of snacks in the car with you. After all, your little one can then eat the food to their heart's content while they are in the backseat. And you can just keep passing them the snacks to ensure they stay in a good mood to make the journey bearable for you.

Play games in the car

Spending time in the car can be boring for kids. After all, they would rather be playing at home with their toys. And they can’t understand why the car journey is so long. But to ensure they don’t get restless you should play some games in the car. For example, a classic game of I-Spy would go down a treat. And you could also go for games like counting the cars to ensure the journey goes quickly. That way, your kid won’t get bored during the trip. And you won’t have to deal with cries of ‘Are we there yet?’ for hours!

Take their tablet along in the vehicle

A lot of moms now take their kid’s tablet along in the car with them. After all, the kids are less likely to get bored if they are playing on their tablet. Just make sure you download plenty of games that they can play offline. You could even opt to get the MovieBox App Download from here which will ensure they can watch movies while on the go. Therefore, you can put their favorite TV show or movie on the tablet before you start the journey. And it will keep them quiet for the hour or two you are in the car.

Take a fun CD in the car

It’s also a good idea to take some CDs for the journey. If they have a favorite band or singer, you could play this for part of the journey. Or if they are still little, you might want to opt for some nursery rhymes to keep them busy. And you also could go for an audiobook if you want to keep the kids occupied. They will listen to the story, and it will ensure time passes quickly while you are in the car. Just prepare to zone out as it might drive you mad after an hour or two!
And make sure they have a blanket and teddy so that they can sleep comfortably during the long journey!

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