Thursday, March 16, 2017

Your Very Own 4th Trimester Concierge with Zulily

Pregnancy is a magical and, sometimes, a difficult time for many women.  There is the first-trimester morning sickness, second-trimester fatigue, and third-trimester discomfort.  But the fourth-trimester might be the most difficult to navigate of all.  Wait... fourth-trimester?! What??

The fourth-trimester refers to the first few months after birth. A time when a mom is physically healing, bonding with her new baby, and trying to adjust to life with her new addition.  With this "trimester" comes little-to-no sleep, change in routines, the risk of PPD, change in dynamic, change in hormones...basically a WHOLE LOT of change at once.  These changes also include a woman's change in body shape.  That alone can be stressful.  Your current maternity clothes don't quite fit correctly, but there is no way you're ready for your pre-pregnancy wardrobe just yet...It can have you exclaiming "How do I even get dressed anymore?!" Zulily is here for you, girl!

Just launched this month, Zulily now offers a 4th Trimester Concierge. With real-time help from maternity experts (also known as the Baby-Friendly Fashion Squad/BFFs), moms can get fashion advice simply by using Facebook Messenger.  So you don't have to make a phone call or meet someone in person. You can casually chat from the comfort of your home without having to worry about loud noises or a messy appearance.  The BFFs actively respond to messages every Monday through Friday from 7-8pm EST.

The Zulily experts will also be there to launch mom-friendly collections that will please those looking for a flattering, fashionable wardrobe, those looking for breast-feeding-friendly clothing, and more. The 4th Trimester Concierge team is there to help moms find a wardrobe that will not only suit their daily needs but also suit their own individual style.

The BFFs also have some general tips that can help every fourth-trimester mama.  They include being on the lookout for the following in your wardrobe:
  • Streamlined silhouettes - It's common to want to hide behind bulky clothing when a body is changing after a baby is born. Avoid chunky fabric, big prints, and super shiny styles as these can give the illusion of a bulkier frame. Instead, stick to solids and dark colored tops and dresses.
  • Functional nursing apparel (if needed) – Make sure to select products that are easy to care for and comfortable to wear. For moms who chose to nurse or pump, aim to have a few staple bra options during this time, as your bust size will most-likely fluctuate. Surplice tops, nursing tanks, and tops are great options since these garments make it easier to breastfeed in public or pump while you're back in your busy routine.
  • Adjustable apparel styles – Look for styles such as wrap dresses and tops, which are closet essentials, and flattering for most body types. As a new mom's body continues to change, these garments can easily be adjusted.
For more fashion tips from the BFF's check out Zulily's blog post here

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This post was written in collaboration with Zulily.

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