Monday, March 20, 2017

Have An Amazing Time On Holiday And Stay In Shape, Here’s How

This post was written by a contributing writer.

For most of us going on holiday is a chance to take a break. To put all our responsibilities, worries, and pressures of our home lives on pause as we relax and unwind. The problem is, if you see exercise and staying fit as a chore, that’ll go on the back burner whilst your away too. It’s time to change the way we think about staying in shape. It is possible to have a great time on holiday and stay in great shape, here’s how…

Just Because It’s Challenging Doesn’t Mean It’s A Chore!

Working out, eating healthily, and generally looking after ourselves shouldn’t be a chore. If it is, you're doing it wrong. It’s important to find a regime that works for you. If you love being outdoors, invest in some great running shoes and a ball. These are easy enough to come by and will turn your workouts into an enjoyable time to look forward to rather than dread. If you need a quick fix during your busy day look into HIIT or high-intensity interval training. These short explosive bursts of energy may suit your lifestyle better than a grueling run. Change the way you think about exercise pre-holiday. That way you won’t be tempted to ditch your workouts because you’re relaxing.

Similarly don’t look at your diet as something restrictive. If you do, you’ll only have a blowout when you’re away. This leads to many of us returning from our holidays feeling out of shape and unhappy. Try eating freshly sourced local food wherever you go. If you're going to be eating out a lot stick to grilled chicken or fish and salad some nights, and treat yourselves on others. It’s all about finding the right balance.

Fun Ways to Workout Abroad

If you’re by the sea make the most of it. From a simple swim in the morning to more extreme sports, the sea provides you with loads of keep-fit options. If you’re staying at a resort with a pool it’s even easier to get some exercise in. Alternatively, try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding. This is a great ab workout and loads of fun. Read some SUP paddle reviews and find out the best equipment to bring with you on holiday. You should be able to rent boards from most places too.

Holidays give you a great excuse to explore. Walking or cycling around a new place is a great way to properly experience it. Tours and train rides often don’t show you how the locals live and what real life is like in a new country. Rent a bike from your hotel or a tour operator, and get pedaling around! There’s no better way to work off delicious food and cocktails than a ride and a roam about.

Make the most of the beach too. Buy a ball and get a game of volleyball going or even have a kick around and a game of catch. There are loads of simple solutions to keeping fit abroad that don’t have to be dull. Similarly, try indulging in a quiet and meditative yoga session on the beach. The sounds of lapping waves and birds overhead should make it easy to relax. Plus yoga is great for stretching and toning.

This post was written by a contributing writer.


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