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The Easy Guide to Summer Lovin'

In the build up to summer, it can be so easy to forget the essentials that you are going to need as a mom - until the last minute. Leaving everything until you get to a point where you can’t spend the time researching, ordering and buying that things that you really need can be frustrating, but as long as you are a step ahead then there shouldn’t be a problem.


Every child needs protection from the sun, regardless of if they have always lived in a hot climate or not. The minimum that you should be putting on your child is Factor 30 SPF to avoid permanent skin damage caused by the sun’s rays. If you buy it during the winter months you may just find that you get it that little bit cheaper - it’s when it’s in demand that the prices creep up.

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Games and Activities

With the sunshine comes a whole host of games and activities that you can take outside. If you have a pool, a simple net and ball will be a great idea for games of water polo, but there are also giant-sized games activities for you to bring onto the lawn if you want to involve the whole family and keep fairly dry at the same time.

Food and Drink Ideas

Pack away the comfort food - summer is all about sticking to the light bites and barbecues. There is a great range of healthy snacks that you can bring out to help your children get their required vitamins, such as vegetable sticks and dips and frozen fruit to keep them cool. For the sleep-deprived moms, look around for the best cold brewer that you can find to give your coffee an iced twist. Just for when you know you need a kick of caffeine but can’t bring yourself to boiling anything as you feel like you’re boiling yourself in the heat. You can get the kids involved by helping them make their own kebabs to stick on the barbecue, which is great for a bonding experience and helping them pick something both tasty and healthy to enjoy.

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As with the sunscreen, this is something that is best done a couple of seasons in advance to bag the best deals. If you know the size that your child will be in and aren’t too fussed about style and fashion changing year by year, then try and get online in the sales in the fall and see what you can find. Most of the time it’s only something casual and simple; shorts and a t-shirt for boys and a floaty dress for girls. Always make sure that they have a hat and sunglasses to hand for extra protection, as the sun can cause damage that you don’t even know is happening should they look directly into it. Even if your child’s head is full of hair, they should be wearing a hat to help limit the possibility of burning themselves - especially in a pool, where the reflections off of the water can add to the chances.

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