Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fool Proof Fit Tips For Healthy Moms!

Written by a contributing writer

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Making sure you stay a fit, healthy and active mom is a lot harder than you’d think simply because it’s often easier to order take out, put off that gym session until tomorrow, and have a day in because there are so many demands on your time!

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It’s Routine

Clearing a space in your schedule for exercise is the first thing you need to get familiar with. It’s no good planning a yoga session and then realizing you’ve got a ton of ironing to do so you think it’s better to leave it until the house is sorted out. By depriving yourself of that ‘me time’ moment to look after your body, exercise and de-stress you’re making things worse not better. See your gym sessions, pilates class, and group swimming session as a social obligation, much like seeing the in-laws, that it would be rude to get out of as you’re letting yourself down.

Kids need a strong, stable routine. And so do adults! So try to start breaking life into little chunks. Exercise shouldn't be an afterthought or a chore that you get through as quickly as possible; it’s something the body needs not only to improve your health but helps you to cope with the strains of daily life.

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Fit Equals Happy

As a parent you’re responsible for setting a good example for your children, teenagers especially can struggle with low self-esteem issues. Instead of bingeing on junk food to cope, you can teach them that exercise will dramatically improve their mood. Lots of moms enjoy running, as it’s their chance to get out of the house, into the fresh air, and not have to answer silly questions. While others choose yoga, swimming or even kickboxing. But the choice of activity is up to you. If you’re a bit of a gym bunny, you’ll love the idea of indoor cycling!

An exercise bike is designed to mimic the peddling you would do outdoors but, being stationary, you’re not actually going anywhere.Want to buy one of your own? Fitworks have a range of high-end in-door bikes for sale and with experience selling to gyms and health clubs, they’re the guys to talk to when looking for a quality piece of exercise equipment. Moms who exercise daily or every other day are more likely to cope better with stress, unexpected situations and emergencies than people who undertake no daily activity.

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Wake Up Early

Whatever you do, don’t hit the snooze button! An early start guarantees you’re ready for the day ahead while taking care of last minute issues. Being the first one up also gives you the opportunity to schedule a quick run or workout before it’s time to get the kids up for school. Early mornings also give you time and space to review your diary, plan what you’re going to do after work, or a spare five minutes to sit and enjoy breakfast! Instead of downing a still hot mug of coffee over the sink while keeping one eye on the clock.


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