Monday, April 10, 2017

Fun Hobbies To Keep You Active

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It can be a challenge to find time to be active in our lives. After all, when we are busy with work and family, the last thing we find a chance to fit in is exercise. But as you know, it’s so important to be active. It helps keep us healthy and well. But even though it’s so important, it can also be inconvenient or a hassle.  Many of us would rather do more relaxinghobbies like crafting when we are feeling drained. However, there are some hobbies that can keep you active while having fun at the same time. In fact, here are a few of them!


It’s the perfect time of year to go outside in your garden. Now that the sun is out later, we can enjoy more time in our yards. And we can start doing some gardening. There are lots of benefits to gardening. For one thing, it can be a relaxing hobby. Concentrating on tending to your plants has been found to relieve stress. Also, gardening means you can work on making your yard look as beautiful as possible. Plus, gardening is an active hobby. Digging and mowing are both known to help you burn calories. In fact, an hour of gardening has been shown to burn 300 calories. And it’s not surprising as it works all of the muscle groups of the body!



You might have gone bowling before with your friends or significant other. And kids also love to go during the holidays. But if you enjoy bowling, it could become a regular hobby for you. A lot of people who enjoy it join a bowling club or team. And then they go every week to practice their skills. In some cases, they even take part in tournaments with their team! And while it’s a lot of fun, bowling is fantastic for keeping you active. After all, the whole process of throwing the ball works and strengthens several muscle groups. If you were to play three games, you could burn over 300 calories! Just make sure you get your own bowling shoes; you don’t want to keep borrowing shoes if you are going to go regularly. Chat to your local bowling center about groups you can join!

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You might think that skating is a kid’s sport. Many of us went ice skating and roller skating as children. But the sport is fantastic for adults who are looking for a way to stay active while having a laugh. For one thing, skating is a good source of cardio. And it’s fantastic exercise for your leg and arm muscles. If you start going on a regular basis, you will soon build and tone those muscles.

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And don’t forget about swimming. It is one of the best full body workouts  and a great way to cool off in the warm summer months. 

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