Thursday, April 13, 2017

Make Your Kid's Dentist Appointment Painless!

Written by a contributing writer

It can be a struggle taking your kid to any form of appointment. Whether it’s the opticians or even the doctors, it can be a challenge to get them through the door. And one of the most painful experiences for moms is when it’s time to go to the dentist. After all, kids hate everything about it; from sitting in the infamous chair to having the dentist look in their mouth. But you know how important it is that their teeth get checked. Therefore, here are some hacks for moms when it’s time for your kid to visit the dentist.


Talk to them about the appointment

If it’s your kid’s first time to the dentist, it’s so important to try and explain to them what will happen before you get there. Otherwise, it will be a scary experience for them if they don’t know what’s coming. If you have any good books which focus on the dentist, now is the time to show them to your child. That way, they won’t be completely dumbfounded when you get to the dentist. Or you could always take them along when it’s time for your next appointment. If they sit and watch you go through it, it might make it easier when it’s their turn. You could even combine the two so that they don’t get upset they have to do it on their own. And even if your child has gone before, it’s best to still talk about what will happen before they go. That way, it will make it a painless trip for you both!

Make sure their teeth are in good condition

A lot of people wish they could speed up their appointment up at the dentist. After all, the time sitting in the chair can drag on. And this can be one of the biggest reasons why your kid hates going to the dentist. Therefore, to ensure the appointment is as short as possible, you need to make sure their teeth are in good nick. You should be ensuring they brush their pearly whites at least twice a day. In fact, make sure you get a good toothbrush which will encourage them to brush. Also, make sure they avoid sweets and sugary drinks which can damage the enamel on your kid’s teeth. And lead them to need things like fillings in the future. If you keep your child’s teeth in good condition, the pediatric dentist won’t have to keep your child long. So it will help in ensuring your child doesn’t get distressed in the dentist chair.

Image from Pixabay

Make plans for after the appointment

You should always try and make some plans for after the dentist appointment. For example, going to visit your child’s friend, or even going to an activity center. With this in mind, your kid is more likely to focus on the fun activity rather than the appointment. That way, you can get them in and out the appointment without too much of a fuss. And if they do get upset at the dentist, remind them that in less than an hour you will be doing something much more fun!


And make sure you tell the dentist how your kid feels. After all, a lot of experienced dentists will be trained in how to calm down kids, so the appointment is a breeze.


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