Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Perfectly Posh Review: Envy This, Smashing Good Pumpkin, & In a New York Minute Face Masks

*I am not a Perfectly Posh consultant.

**This post is not sponsored. I paid for these products out of my own pocket.

It's that time again! Time for another skincare review.  Where I test new products and endure the scary feelings that come with putting something new on my sensitive, acne prone skin without seeing many in-depth reviews, so you don't have to.  Did you notice the disclaimers above? Of course you did, they're a little distracting. (I know and I'm sorry!) They're at the top (instead of in their usual disclaimer space at the bottom) of the post because I wanted to make it clear that this is my honest review. I am not selling the products, I am not getting free products for doing this post, and up until last night, my consultant didn't even know I was planning to do a review of my Posh products on my blog.

To be honest, I had a really hard time finding reviews of the products that weren't done by consultants or someone who was receiving free products for review.  This is pretty common with beauty companies that sell through consultants (as opposed to in store) and it usually happens for a few reasons:  1. The consultants do such a great job explaining the product and its uses on their own blogs/YouTube channels that bloggers/vloggers feel there is no need for them to post a repetitive review (and risk not getting many views), 2. The company is fairly new or unknown and trying to get its name out there, and 3. the products aren't regularly used by "influencers."

I'm guessing number one is the reasoning behind the lack of reviews for Perfectly Posh.  It may also be because the company purposely makes it really easy for anyone wanting to try Posh to get free samples of their products. (Simply ask a consultant.) So bloggers/vloggers may be reaching out for free samples before buying products themselves.

Whatever the case is, I'm not sure why Perfectly Posh isn't getting more word of mouth from my fellow beauty bloggers.  This stuff is Ah-mazing! I'm always nervous when trying naturally based products. I know, it sounds like it should be the opposite, right?  But, in my experience, naturally based products usually mean oils (which my skin typically hates) and products that are simply less effective. Clearly, it was because I hadn't found the right brand yet.

The three products I'm reviewing today are face (and one face/body) masks. I've tried other products by Perfectly Posh that I love, but I figured I'd organize my reviews by product type for this brand. From what I've tried, I've seen that, generally, Posh's quality is on par with high-end skincare products in the $50-$100 range. But Posh's products are affordably priced. Some as low as $5.  As I mentioned above, the company makes it pretty easy to get free samples, which is nice since you can "try before you buy." They also have a rewards system similar to Sephora. Each purchase you make will earn you rewards points, except, instead of only being able to use your points for select separate "reward items," you can use your points to buy any product off of the website or even to get a few dollars off of your purchase.

So now that I've covered my review of the company in general, let's get into the products.

1. In a New York Minute - $14

This is a retired product. So, if you're interested in purchasing it, do so soon! I purchased this glycolic mask without first trying a sample because I know that glycolic acid typically works very well with my skin.  The product isn't heavily scented (thank you!), applies smoothly and easily, dries quickly, and leaves my skin feeling the smoothest it's been in a long time. There isn't anything I don't like about this mask, however, I don't plan on repurchasing it simply because I want to try Posh's new glycolic mask, Calling All Fairies Exfoliating Spun Sugar Mask ($19) because, in addition to glycolic acid, it contains Witch Hazel. Something my skin also likes (helps fight breakouts).

2. Smashing Good Pumpkin Face and Body Mask - $15

Another retired product. Why do I do this to myself?! I bought this mask without first sampling as well. Why? Because my skin was angry that I had used a full strength sunscreen on my face for a day, and had been horribly breaking out for over a week. I needed something that could treat my entire face and I didn't want to go back to getting my skin addicted to benzoyl peroxide over one day of sunscreen. This mask caught my eye because, as far as acne fighting masks go, it is very different than anything I've ever seen.  It has a ton of ingredients that are known to fight acne: witch hazel, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and kaolin clay.  Pumpkin, also in the mask, calms irritated skin. I was also impressed that coffee extract was added to this mask. Coffee is not only a miracle worker when ingested, it's an ingredient that is highly effective in brightening skin tone. And unlike many acne fighting products, this mask didn't dry out my skin. Instead, it left it lightly moisturized (as if I had applied a light gel moisturizer) and my skin was noticeably calmer and more even toned.   I'm not even half-way through my tube and I've already repurchased. I didn't want to risk the mask being sold out (and gone for good!) whenever I did eventually finish up my first tube.

3. Envy This Face Mask (Vegan) - $20

I saved my favorite for last.  Envy This is an anti-aging focused face mask.  And if you know me, you know I tend to stay away from anti-aging masks. They usually make my skin break out.  But not this one.  I tried a sample of this mask before purchasing. To be honest, I'm so nervous about any kind of anti-aging face product (especially a naturally based one), that I'm surprised I even tried the sample. But everyone in the Posh group I belong to on Facebook was raving about this mask. I had to at least give it a try. I'm glad I did. I will continue to repurchase this product until they stop making it. The fragrance is light, clean, and spa-like.  It contains caffeine, which is meant to tighten and brighten the skin. I don't know exactly what this mask does to my skin, I just know after one 5 minute use my skin is GLOWING.  It's smooth, my pores are smaller, it's lightly moisturized, it feels great, and I have a legitimate glow. Any irritation appears to me calmed and my skin doesn't get angry at me for using it. In fact, it seems to be oh-so-very happy.

Have you tried Perfectly Posh? What are your favorite Posh products? In case you couldn't tell by this long, enthusiastic review, I'm obsessed! 

To shop and for more information on Perfectly Posh click here.


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