Thursday, April 20, 2017

Preparing For Canada: The Ultimate Checklist For Your Family Adventure

Written by a contributing writer

As far as first foreign adventures are concerned, Canada is a winning option for Americans. -Visiting the neighbors from the north is cheaper and logistically easier than heading to another continent. Moreover, it’s the type of family vacation that puts you in complete control from start to finish.

Still, making the right preparations ahead of your planned journey is imperative if you want to reach maximum enjoyment. Ensure that you’re ready for the family fun by using this checklist as a guideline. You will not regret it.


Secure the necessary documentation at the earliest stage possible. Canadian laws stipulate that visitors can only enter the country when they have a travel visa. Visit the Canada eTA site to learn more about making an application for your short visit. Those permits are used by anyone visiting for up to six months so that it will be ample for your holidaying reasons. The process can be quite time-consuming, though, so early action is advised.

Think about the journey. One of the great things about visiting Canada is that you won’t need to rely on long-haul flights. Planes and trains are an option, but many families find that driving is the best answer. It can still take a long time, but this guide should help you avoid any major issues. Meanwhile, you could always split the journey by visiting another location on the way. Either way, it’s a far more comfortable way to travel when young children are involved. Frankly, this will enhance the enjoyment for everyone.

Pack the right clothing for the part of Canada that you’re visiting. It’s a big country and the climate of one city can vary massively from another. Treating your family to new clothes for the holiday is a highlight of the pre-vacation planning. However, if you’re heading to the ski slopes, for example, it’s best to hire equipment. After all, those items will only sit in the garage until your kids have outgrown them.


Put the comfort of your kids first. In truth, this comes naturally for most parents anyway. However, sacrificing your hair straighteners to accommodate items that the children need will make life a lot easier. Meanwhile, you should ensure that you’ve packed portable chargers and other essentials. Let’s face it; losing the ability to use those tech devices would quickly turn your little angels into demons. It’s a simplistic approach – but if the kids are happy, you’re happy too.

Research your accommodation before booking. When traveling in a party of adults, you can deal with a poor hotel service. This isn’t the case when children are involved. Safety and cleanliness are clearly top of the agenda. However, it also pays to find a family-friendly venue with great activities for the kids. After all, you won’t spend the entire vacation exploring the outside world. Sometimes, a day or two of relaxation by the pool can be just the tonic to turn a great trip into the perfect one. Check the impartial reviews, and you should be just fine.

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