Thursday, May 11, 2017

Celebrating Teachers Everywhere with Zulily

It is officially Teachers Appreciation Week.  And boy, do they deserve more than a week.  A great teacher is priceless.  My son started school this year and I was nervous.  Why? Because so much of your child's school experience depends on his/her teachers. I am incredibly grateful that mine had a few amazing ones this year.  It turned a new, somewhat scary experience into an exciting new world of learning and growing that he can't wait to explore each school day.

The people at Zulily also know just how much teachers matter. And how much of a difference they make in the lives of our kids and, ultimately, our own futures. That's why they have been working hard to show teachers how much we all appreciate them.  Right now, teachers can get 15% off on select products at Zulily. Zulily has also composed the videos below in order to tell the stories of just a few special teachers who have truly made a difference in their students' lives. (Take a look - but get the tissues ready!)

So to all of you teachers out there who go out of their way to help each individual student, who take the time to continue learning and mastering new ways of teaching so that you reach every single child in your class, who approach students with patience, understanding, and kindness - Thank you.  We know your job isn't an easy one. We know you are overworked and underpaid. We know your work day never really ends. But you choose to make a positive impact on our kids' lives. You choose to go above and beyond because you know how much it matters...and you CARE.  You care for our kids. There are not enough thank you's in the world to express our gratitude.  There are not enough flowers, gifts, or chocolates in the world to repay you for what you do.  But you need to know...we see you...we love you...we appreciate you.

*This post was written in partnership with Zulily.

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