Thursday, May 4, 2017

#DisneyKids - Magic in the Water Disney Party (Sponsored by Disney Parks)

Whew! Let me tell you.  In areas of warmer climate...once the temperature warms up, it gets hot fast! That's the case with my sunny state right now.  So, here was my predicament. How do I throw a Disney Party for preschoolers in 90-degree weather? Sure, I could keep them inside and try to occupy them with sit down games.  But these kids need to move.  And we all know the one thing kids need to be active outside in high temperatures without overheating.  Water! Disney pool party it is! We did have indoor games and activities prepared for those who preferred not to get wet.  But, it was quite apparent our little fishies loved to "just keep swimming."

Now, just because this was a magical Disney party, doesn't mean it became something to stress and fret over while planning! Today, there is so much focus on how complicated, elaborate, and big a party can be.  But remember when we were growing up as kids? Our parents ordered pizza, invited our friends over, and we played classic party games like musical chairs. Did we have fun? Yes. Do we look back at those moments fondly? Yes! The kids enjoyed the Finding Dory theme. Who doesn't love a fish with a big heart, tons of courage, and a willingness to help? They also enjoyed each other's company. AND a stress-free environment where mom and dad aren't trying to over-coordinate the activities. Does this mean our party was lacking in the magic department? Not at all!

Part of the magic is living in the moment.  Being present and letting your interactions flow freely. So often when we think of "Disney's Magic," we think of being at Magic Kingdom - fantastical rides, beautiful scenery, and characters that are out of this world. But the truth is, this is not where Disney's magic comes from. The root of Disney's magic is the values of friendship, courage, and honor its stories instill in each one of us.  And so Disney's magic...can be found anywhere and everywhere we all are. And the Disney parks are a great way to see a spectacular visualization of this magic we all feel inside.

Today, the magic was at our pool!

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