Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Do You Really Need Those Kitchen Gadgets?

Written by a contributing writer 

With all of the wonderful and wacky kitchen gadgets you can buy, it should be no surprise that many home kitchens are being filled to the brim with them. Whether it’s a contraption to cut eggs, grate cheese or chop onions, there are all kinds of devices that let you speed up certain tasks and promise to take the effort out of cooking and prep. However, do you really need all those devices, or are they just taking up space in your cupboards and drawers? Let’s go through some basic kitchen advice that will convince you that you don’t need a plastic contraption for everything.

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Does it actually save time?

There are plenty of ways to save time in the kitchen. A popular way to shave precious hours each week on cooking is to simply prepare your meals on the weekend and freeze them. But do you really need special contraptions or boxes designed for it? Absolutely not! All you need are some basic tupperware containers to store your food and presto, you have cheap, healthy and delicious ready-made meals that are miles above anything you could get from a supermarket.

Let’s also take a look at graters, cutters, and the other types of kitchen gear that apparently help you with kitchen prep. The first thing you need to ask is: does using this contraption actually save time? You also need to consider if washing them adds to the overall time you spend cooking. There are many complex gadgets that let you do fun things and they can sometimes be helpful, but washing them can be a pain and it ends up wasting more of your time than before.

There are, of course, some essential gadgets that every kitchen needs in order to make you more productive. For example, using a can opener is infinitely more efficient than trying to poke holes into the top of a can with a knife. If you visit Ucsb RHA, you’ll see there are plenty of cheap can openers that do what they say and nothing more. They don’t need to be complicated, they just need to open a can!

Learn to use a knife

It feels like many of the gadgets you can buy from online stores and infomercials tackle cutting in some shape or form. It could be a simple cutter that promises to chop up onion, it could be a device that makes cutting bread easy, or it might be something that helps you peel vegetables. Unfortunately, most of these take a lot of cleaning up and take up a lot of space in your kitchen cabinets, making them fairly inefficient to use.

Instead, why not just learn to use a knife? Knife skills are applicable everywhere in the kitchen and if you’re proficient and confident with one, you can cut and chop just about anything. There’s a reason you don’t see celebrity chefs on TV using the funky contraptions that you do—they’re comfortable just using a knife. There’s less to clean up, it doesn’t take much effort to learn, and you don’t need to spend money on additional gadgets in your kitchen.

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