Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fast Fitness: Fact Or Fiction?

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We all want fast results from our fitness attempts.  And not everyone embraces the idea of exercise and healthy eating with open arms. So, it makes sense that we want to see results as soon as possible. We all want a payoff for all of our hard work! And that includes fitness. Yet, as with anything in the fitness world, there are conflicting opinions about whether fast results are possible. Some people swear by quick fitness solutions, while others insist there’s no such thing. As is often the case when trying to decide the best route, it can be hard to separate the fact from the fiction. For the most part, people are set in their ways and refuse to concede their points. That’s why we’re here to set a few things straight on the fast fitness record.

‘It takes a long time to see results from exercise'

Fiction. It’s completely possible to see fast results from exercise. Of course, it all depends on what exercise you’re doing and what condition your body was in to start with. Some options are a better route to fast results than others. But, that shouldn’t be your priority when deciding which workout is right for you. Bodybuilding may be a sure way to see quick effects, but it may not be what you’re after if weight loss is your aim. Note, too, that people with more weight to lose, or worse general fitness, will likely see results faster. If your weight isn’t a big concern and you’ve kept yourself fit, you may have a longer wait on your hands. It’s also important to note that you need to keep realistic expectations. When people speak about ‘fast fitness,' we often take it a little too literally. Even if you do start reaping the rewards early on, they may not be as drastic as you were hoping.

‘Supplements don’t work’

Fiction. Supplements, though often frowned upon in fitness, can work for fast results. But, it’s important you use them in the right way. If you take them and don’t do anything else, any results you do see won’t last long. Realistically, you can’t take supplements for an extended period. So, you’ll see a quick reversal the moment you stop taking them. But, used alongside a fitness regime, they could be the right way to give boost yourself at the start of your journey. Do your research and find out about the best fat burner for women. Make sure you’re searching on reputable sites, though. There are a lot of underground supplements that would do you more damage than good.

‘The speed of results depends on the work you put in’

Fact. The only real way to see fast results is to work hard. If you exercise for half an hour, once a week, it’s going to be a while before you see any positive changes. But, if you commit to a practice once each day, you’ll speed the process in a big way. It’s also important to get your heart racing and your body moving. Lackluster exercises will most likely not be the way to achieve drastic or quick fitness results.

*This post is not meant to give medical advice. Please consult a medical professional before starting any diet/fitness routine.


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