Friday, May 26, 2017

Picture This: How To Save Perfect Family Memories

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Making memories is something that a lot of families spend a great deal of time focusing on. We like to throw big parties for our kids’ birthdays so we have something incredible to look back on, we go on vacations to far-flung places and to Disneyland so that we have stories to tell in later years. But the question is: how exactly do we make sure that we keep those memories safe? Here are some tips to help you out...

Keep A Journal

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A lot of people are dissuaded from keeping journals because they think they’ll take up a lot of time and  they don’t particularly want to have to reveal their innermost secrets - but the truth is that writing a journal can be exactly what you want it to be. If you want, your journal could simply be a place to detail what you had for dinner and funny things that your kids said that day. It’s the minutiae of everyday life that you’ll end up forgetting in the future, so it’s important to make sure that you try to save as much of it as you can.

Take Photographs

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Of course, because we all have smartphones, we end up taking a lot of photographs and videos and preserving them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But you should also save them for yourself by printing them out and keeping them safe. It’s both easy and cheap to get photographs printed and delivered to you, especially if you do it in bulk. You don’t have to make beautiful scrapbooks or stick them all into albums - just keeping the photographs is enough and will give you a lot to look back on in the future. Make sure to document everyday events as well as bigger days like birthdays and Christmas. Try to take photos of your older relatives as well as your kids - you’ll be grateful for them in the future.

Ask Friends And Family For Help

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If you spend a lot of time with your friends and your family, you could ask them for their help in saving memories - you don’t have to take all the photographs yourself. Because let’s face it - that way you’ll never be in them. When you have your kids, make sure you check out newborn photography workshops so that you can get the best possible images of their gorgeous baby faces. At parties, give your friends and family disposable cameras so that they can take some great action shots. And get them to upload all their digital photos to a shared drive so that you can all check them out.

Keep Your Kids’ Projects

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Finally, make sure that you save a few of your kids’ projects. Be judicious about which ones you keep - those with more memories attached are more important, of course, and if you let them, then your kids’ art projects will end up taking over the house. Put a couple of paintings per year into a folder to keep along with any schoolwork like short stories that they’re particularly proud of.

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