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Revamp Your Road Trips With These 4 Essentials

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Most people have a love-hate relationship with road trips. On the one hand, they are a great way to get to see new places and spend some quality time together as a family unit. On the other hand, who enjoys sitting in a car for several hours with the prospect of everything going wrong and the kids continuously asking if you're there yet? However, don’t discard the idea of road trips just yet. Sometimes, all it takes to make the trip a little more enjoyable and interesting is some good prep. Getting everything ready for the best of road trip experiences is a heavy task. You need to prepare for the comfort of every passenger, you need to consider the entertainment aspect on long trips, you need to make sure that you can find your way, and, finally, you need to think of food and drinks to enjoy along the way. Here are some tips to help you to get ready.

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Get Everything For The Comfort Of Passengers

Considering the comfort of your passengers can be a little daunting. Most families simply decide to pick a spacious car and hope for the best. You may need to do a little more than just that. To start, if you’ve got a young child or a new baby, it’s important to make sure that you’ve got all the relevant supplies for their needs. This means that you need to pack a feeding kit, diapers,  changes of clothes for the trip, and the necessary baby seats. With a large choice of baby car seats, you may want to check online reviews such as consumer reviews for rear-facing baby seats. Additionally, the comfort of older passengers is essential too. If you are keen to suffer from back pain, make sure to wear a supportive back belt for long trips. Remember also to pack pillows for the kids so that they can sleep in the back if you are driving early or late.

Entertainment Is Important

What makes road trips unbearable for most families is boredom. The kids can get irritated as time passes and there is nothing to do. And most adults will find themselves getting quite short-tempered as a result. Therefore, it’s important to prepare an entertainment pack for the car. Pick your favorite music albums for the drive. Why not get everyone to choose at least one album to create a more eclectic road trip soundtrack? As a rule of the thumb, you will need to get a car charger for all your electronic devices – phone and tablets especially – as these will be used a lot on the way. Make sure to bring a tablet with some games to play and films for the kids to watch, so that they can be entertained for a while. For younger children, bring a multisensory toy.  Babies will thankfully sleep a lot, but they do need their favorite blanket or cuddle toy too.

Finding Your Way

There is nothing worse than hitting the road and not quite knowing whether you are driving in the right direction. Don’t drive off unprepared: Check the itinerary before your departure. Additionally, it’s best to take an updated map of the region as well as a GPS. It may sound like a lot, but you want to be prepared in case you lose your satellite connection, which can happen in certain areas. It’s important that your co-pilot – aka the passenger sitting in the front of the car – keeps an eye on the destination. He or she should be able to guide you quickly to an alternative route if you are stuck in a traffic jam or if one road is closed. Naturally, you have a GPS for that, but the human mind is guaranteed not to fail while the GPS performance depends on your software updates and your connectivity.
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Food And Drink Matters

There is no denying it; you can’t go on a road trip without planning for food and drinks. You should always have in the car at least 1L of water per person and some snacks such as biscuits or fruits. For long trips, it’s best to stop regularly to get out of the car and find something decent to eat. While snacks in the car are appreciated, the family will prefer to sit at a restaurant table to enjoy an energizing meal in peace. As a rule of the thumb, you should stop every two hours, for a coffee, a bathroom break or to buy snacks for the journey.

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