Thursday, May 25, 2017

Vacations At Home: US States Most Americans Overlook

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Are you thinking about your summer vacation at the moment? Are you worried that you won’t manage to afford anything nice for your family? Then stop looking at other countries and spend your free time in the US. Most Americans take the time to visit places like Orlando and Las Vegas during their lives. However, there are lots of other states with great attractions that families tend to overlook. With that in mind, I wanted to release a post that points you in the right direction. Every state in the US has something to offer if you know where to begin your search. For the purpose of this article, I’m going to focus on places I’ve visited in the past. So, you can trust this advice.


Pennsylvania is a state unlike any other. It’s famous for being home to the largest community of Amish people in the US today. However, there is more to that location than most people realize. Apart from excellent museums and natural beauty, there are performing arts centers and theaters you won’t want to miss. You could visit any part of the state that tickles your fancy. Even so, there are lots of things to do that would keep your family entertained. Who knows? You might come home with some original Amish handcrafts for all your friends. Also, you’re guaranteed to take some amazing photographs.

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Sometimes you have to head north if you want to experience something spectacular. Montana, as the name suggests, is a mountainous region of the US. The state borders Canada and is home to the Rocky Mountains. It’s quite cold there during the winter months, but you can expect some fantastic weather in the summer. It’s the perfect location for outdoor camping in the wild. You can head off into the mountains with your RV or tents and spend time with mother nature. That should keep your kids away from their games consoles for a couple of weeks. Best of all? You’ll probably struggle to get a mobile phone signal once you reach the wilderness.

New Mexico

If you fancy something different, why not head as far south as possible? New Mexico is an often overlooked state that’s beautiful in its own way. The location is the last stop between the US and Mexico, and the culture reflects that. You’ll find lots of Spanish restaurants and music on every street. Just make sure you take lots of sunscreen if you plan to visit at the height of the summer. Temperatures there can exceed those in Nevada and other surrounding areas. There are also national monuments to visit and lots of amazing desert scenery. Your eyes won’t get bored if you spend time in New Mexico this summer.

Now you know about some great states most people ignore, I hope you will make choose the vacation destination that is right for you, your family, and your budget. At the end of the day, you’re going to save a fortune compared to taking your vacation abroad. Internal flights are pretty cheap, but you can always drive if you fancy a road trip. Enjoy!

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