Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Mindful Child: Simple Games That Teach Essential Life Lessons

Written by a contributing writer

As a parent, you want only the best for your child. This naturally involves looking after their health and their needs, but also ensuring that you can support their mental wellbeing. Indeed, the mental wellbeing of your child is essential to his or her development. Children who grow up feeling depressed, bullied, or rejected – whether it is at home or in the classroom – are more likely to carry the trauma into their adult years. So it is essential to make sure that your children can interact socially, think independently, and promote respectful interactions. These social skills are key to their development. Surprisingly enough, they can also be easy to learn. Most social skills can be taught through games and playful activities during childhood. Here are some tips to help your kids to become more caring, creative, and tolerant.

Teaching Love And Care

Children naturally grow up in an environment where they are cared for. But it isn’t always enough to teach them that it is important that they show care and love to others. One great idea is to introduce your child to games with dolls or stuffed toys. While you may have grown up thinking dolls are for girls, it is perfectly acceptable (and beneficial) for boys to play with dolls too.  There are many dolls and toy animals that are suited for both genders., for instance, is discussing Hatchimals, which are cute stuffed toys that are ideal for both boys and girls. The toy comes in an egg and only reveals its species once the egg has hatched. But for this to happen, your child needs to care for the egg by giving it attention and encouraging the Hatchimal to come out. The toy behaves like a newborn and needs to learn new skills with your child’s encouragement and attention.

Teaching Creativity And Imagination

Knowledge is essential but it is vain without imagination. Imagination is a skill that you need to encourage your child to develop. Reading is one of the best tools to support a child’s imagination, according to, it enables the reader to mentally visualize a fictional scene or word. Children who read a lot develop not only their imaginative power but also problem-solving skills. By learning to think outside of the box, they are in a better position to come up with creative solutions to problems. Additionally, imagination is tightly linked to innovation. A world that keeps evolving needs children to read and invent today so that they can become the creative adults of our future.

Teaching Tolerance And Respect

Tolerance and respect are social skills that are not evenly spread across the population. Many adults have grown up learning discriminatory behaviors. Therefore, it is essential to teach your child to respect everybody, even those who have a different faith, opinion, or language. Cooperative games are particularly good at emphasizing common goals and peace. While these are often played within a classroom, you can introduce some games at home, such as the silent line up where you encourage your children and their friends to line up in a particular order – date of birth, shoe size, etc. – without speaking to each other. Learning to work together to complete the game helps children to build respectful communication skills.

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