Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Alter Your Skincare Routine for the Summer

Written by a contributing writer

With the summer in full swing, most of us are looking forward to heading out to the beach, soaking up some sun, meeting our friends and enjoying the warmth. However, very few people remember that they need to change their skincare routine now that they’re exposed to higher temperatures and more sun rays. They notice too late and forget to change their skincare routine, ultimately resulting in poor skincare and more issues with their appearance. To avoid this fate, you need to switch up your skincare routine for summer and here are five ways to do just that.

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1. Wash your face more

With the increased heat, we’re more prone to sweating and we also touch our faces more often. As a result, our skin can get dirty very quickly and we need to combat this by washing our face more often. Make sure you find a light facial cleanser that won’t strip your skin of natural oils too quickly. Apply it gently to the entire face and wash with lukewarm water. Then apply a light layer of facial moisturizer to keep it smooth. Wash once when you wake up, once when you go to bed, and once whenever you do something physical that causes you to sweat.

2. Remember specialized products

Remember that the sun can make certain skin issues, such as discoloration, worse than before. Visit a beauty blog such as beautyambition to look for the best brightening cream for the summer. And remember to use other specialized products as well in order to combat any adverse skin conditions.

3. Use sunscreen

Make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen to your body if you plan to go out. While a tan might not be the worst thing in the world (in fact, some people actively seek it), remember that tanning from the sun will prematurely age your skin and you might even be at an increased risk of getting skin cancer in the future, something that nobody wants! There are many different types of sunscreen and the one you use should fit your skin type, so do your research and purchase one that's right for you.

4. Moisturize more often

The heat can often dry out our skin and make it dry and cracked. Make sure you’re applying moisturizer to your body more often. If you find yourself sweating a lot due to the heat, then take more regular showers and lightly exfoliate your skin before moisturizing yourself. This will keep your skin looking fresh and clean up any dirt or grime that builds up as a result of the heat.

5. Wear the right clothes

Don’t forget the importance of summer clothing. With the increased heat comes more sweat and more sweat means damp clothes if they’re absorbent and not breathable. Don’t wear anything that sticks too tightly because it could cause irritation and lead to a rash. Make sure you wear loose-fitting clothes that breathe if you plan to head out into the summer heat often.


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