Thursday, June 15, 2017

Can Technology Help You Win at Parenting?

Written by a contributing writer


Technology hasn’t exactly replaced parents yet, and they won’t  - at least, not in our lifetimes! For now, though, there are plenty of ways in which technology is providing a very useful helping hand in the lives of busy parents!

Baby monitoring

Baby monitors are now using digital transmissions, instead of the analog transmissions you got on old-school models. But does this mean they’re any better? Yes, the digital transmissions are much more clear. They’re less likely to be distorted, which means that they give a much more accurate representation of sound, as well as a lot more detail. It won’t get interrupted by nearby analog signals, the way that older baby monitors did. Plus, you can hook them up to your smartphone or tablet, which makes the actual monitoring process easier than ever.


Older baby monitoring

Okay, so by “older baby”, what we’re really referring to is kids aged anywhere from 7 to 16. They’re not technically babies anymore… but they’ll always be our babies really, right? Anyway, the type of monitoring we’re talking about here is the monitoring of gadget use - phones, the Internet, etc. Things like iPhone monitoring software help us make sure what our kids are doing online is safe. They can also help us locate our children if we’re not sure where they are! It can be much more useful for kids to have smartphones than a lot of people think!


These days, it’s easier than ever to keep track of how well our children are doing in school. While not all schools provide many digital services, there are many that are beginning to provide online reports that parents can access; some are even offering this on a weekly basis. Modern tech is also helping teachers and parents stay in closer contact, which means we can be alerted to any problems much quicker.



A lot of people assume that modern technology is signaling the death of literacy in a profound way. But book sales seem to be getting better every year, so that might not be the case after all! In any case, new gadgets can really help with literacy because of their interactivity. There are loads of iPad apps that help kids learn how to read, and some would argue that Kindles give kids access to a wide range of free books, ranging from new children’s literature to classics from centuries past. It’s also been argued that all these gadgets help expose our children to more text - which is precisely what they need to gain better reading technique and a wider vocabulary!


Your average parent is pretty busy. Whether they’re a stay-at-home parent or a parent who is remaining on the career ladder, your schedule is probably going to be pretty stacked. The keyword there is ‘schedule’ - while a lot of parents have so much to do, they generally don’t actually have a formal schedule. They tend to have a to-do list that they keep in their head! But by using scheduling apps, or even something as simple as the calendar functions on their smartphone, they can become more efficient and less stressed by making sure they know what they need to do and when on any given day.


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